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Aquarius New Moon 🌚 Mercury DIRECT! Sun/Pluto + Venus/Saturn Conjunctions!

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New beginnings that have staying power - and were talking 30+ years. This New Moon is the last New Moon with Saturn in its home sign until 2047! Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma and helps us to make decisions that take our survival deeply into consideration.

With this New Moon, Venus and Saturn will conjunct in Aquarius, the Sun and Pluto with conjunct, and Mercury will station direct. In this episode, we discuss how this New Moon and the transits leading up to the Full Moon in Leo will impact the Collective.

Our style of astrology is rooted in Hermetic wisdom, as we explore the strength of planets in certain signs and aspects between them to predict what this season’s focus may be centered on. We also discuss major correlations between the tarot and signs to highlight ways to practice mindfulness that’s aligned with the stars.

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