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#470 ALL PLANETS DIRECT 🏁 00° Aries New Moon 🌚 Powerful NEW BEGINNINGS

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This is the (first) of (two) New Moons in the sign of Aries in 2023. The first is on 3/21/23 at 1:23 PM EST at 00° 49' of Aries. The second is a SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aries on 4/20/23 at 12:12 AM EST at 29° 50' of Aries. This means we have two lunation cycles to set intentions aligned with the spirit of the warrior archetype at different stages of the game.

Rulers of this Cycle

Mars - by domicile - by Decan -

Mar is in the sign of Gemini since 08/2022 and FINALLY out of the shadow of his Retrograde which started on 10/2022. On 3/25, Mars will enter Cancer! Lean into taking action on the thing you've been thinking about for the last 6 months!

The Sun - as the Triplicity Lord -

The Sun is already in its EXALTATION in Aries which is why the Aries Season always comes with a SPARK of energy! 

Because this chart is a day chart, (in the location I am pulling it from - Eastern Standard Time) this makes the primary Triplicity Lord of the New Moon the SUN!

Simply put, this amplifies the energy we will have over the next month. It can be easy to burn out if we play with this fire too much. However, this is a good sign if you've been calling in a change of pace. It's here now, especially for the next two weeks! 

Jupiter - Ruler of Egyptian bonds - 00° Aries -

This mysterious nuance gives us the clue that this New Moon is not just about taking action and shining our night, but it is also about walking the talk.

"All planets are DIRECT"

Hear more on the New Moon and how potent the first two weeks to follow are via the @starryalignment Podcast 


00:00 - Aries New Moon

01:00 - Rulers of this New Moon

2:00 - Mars - By Domicile

05:00 - Jupiter - Ruler of Egyptian bonds

06:30 - Mars - By Decan

07:00 - Two of Wands

10:00 - The Sun - Triplicity Lord

12:00 - Others Planets in Aries > Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter

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May you live in alignment now and always!

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