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Solvable by audiochuck


Solvable is a true-crime podcast that seeks to find the answers to unsolved mysteries. With the cooperation of the investigative agency, Solvable takes the listener behind closed doors and speaks directly to the past and current personnel who are responsible for investigating these crimes. In addition, family members and others who are most impacted by these tragedies share their stories in the hopes that answers will one day be found.

12 Episodes

  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    NEW SHOW: Armored


    Whether you’ve already binged this show or you just started listening, I wanted to drop in your feed to tell you about Armored, another audichuck original podcast that JUST released. Maybe you’ve seen a brinks-branded armored truck or similar, but have you heard the stories behind the cases armored vehicles are hi-jacked for their million dollar contents? Each week Armored dives into some of the most daring and deadly armored truck heists in history and gives you an inside look into what fuels these perpetrators and the untold stories and insights from the investigators whose job it is to stop them. Armored is out now with a new episode every Wednesday. Here’s the trailer so you can get a preview of what Armored has in store...
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    10 of 10: Drive By


    A sighting by her ex-husband, or just mistaken identity?
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

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  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    9 of 10: Never the Same


    Investigators dig deep into the days surrounding Gwen’s disappearance and into the unraveling of a man once revered by his family and friends.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    8 of 10: Too Good To Be True


    An affair that changes everything, the promise of a new and better life, and maybe even happiness. In Gwen’s own words it was, “Almost too good to be true.”
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    7 of 10: A-L-I-S-H-A, My Namesake


    Interviews with Gwendolyn Mae Clemons family start to offer a glimpse into the lives of the young mother and her baby daughter, Alisha Ann Heinrich.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    6 of 10: Poker Face


    Investigators follow genetic genealogy tips to Missouri and one piece of the mystery finally comes together. At the same time, an entirely new mystery is revealed to the Solvable team.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    5 of 10: The Interstate Man


    He dubbed himself “The Interstate Man” and had dozens of agencies lining up to interview him for his confessed involvement in crimes across North America. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office had a particular interest in one self-professed serial killer’s confession.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    4 of 10: Kidnapped, Bound, Stabbed, or Drowned


    How many killers can you have in such a small area? Investigators explore the possibility that the case of Baby Jane/Delta Dawn and her missing mother is connected to other currently unsolved cases in the area from the same timeframe.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    3 of 10: A Grave for Two


    For 6 years Baby Jane laid alone, until 1988 when a second nameless baby girl was laid to rest beside her. The Solvable team explores how law enforcement discovered the second deceased child and if her case relates to Baby Jane from 1982.
  • Solvable by audiochuck podcast

    2 of 10: Wrong Bridge, Wrong Bodies


    The body count is increasing and the mysteries are deepening. The communities of Southern Jackson County, Mississippi mourn the loss of a young life.

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