Solace&Shine Podcast podcast

Solace&Shine Podcast

Sivani Howe

Welcome to the Solace&Shine Podcast. This podcast is is a platform for those yearning to remember their true purpose, their mission on Earth and how to live a luminous life. The Solace&Shine Podcast dives into teachings from the soul’s ancestral roots, both traditionally human, and galactic. The teachings are here so that we may embrace the human experience and live it with beauty, courage and creativity.  These teachings will make you want to lean in and shine, whole heartedly - together.    Our host and guide, Sannyasi Sivani. Sivani has worked as a Medium and Spiritual Teacher for the last 20 plus years. Through her dedicated practice as a renunciate and as a Teacher of Yoga, she guides community through all aspects of living and embodying Spirit through foundations of love, service, Yoga Ecology and elevated esoteric teachings.   If you enjoy this podcast and you want daily connection with Sannyasi Sivani and the We*Are Community - you can join us TODAY, and receive TWO FREE WEEKS by using one of the coupons below. At We*Are you will get daily updates on the energies at play, astrological considerations and inspiration. There are a selection of FREE asana classes, sound meditations as well as other offerings such as recipes, movie recommendations and all things delicious and good to uplift your day and fill your cup. We*Are On-line Community: Monthly - 2 Weeks Free: Yearly - 2 Weeks Free:

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