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Episode 91: Hans Breuer: Funny Stuff that Happened to Me in the Woods

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Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Ninety One!  And while we’re at it, I hope you all remain safe and healthy out there. We’re rolling into December and like many people, I have a big block of family time coming up, so I am pushing to get this episode finished and out sooner, rather than later.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and peace on earth for everyone.  And be safe out there on the roads, y’all. And as always, I am grateful to all the show’s patrons who help to keep the show moving forward. And if you’re out there listening and you would like to kick in a few bucks, it’s easy to do, you simply go to the So Much Pingle Patreon page. You can support the show for as little as three bucks a month – less than a fancy cup of coffee! You can also support the show via one-time contributions via PayPal or Venmo (please contact me via email to [email protected]). Here’s an episode I have been waiting for and I’m sure many of you feel the same way.  Hans Breuer and his wife Lisa live on the island of Taiwan, along with their two boys, Karl and Hans Jr.  If you’ve spent any time perusing the old Field Herp Forum, you’re probably familiar with Hans’ posts about his escapades herping around that island paradise.  If you’re not, go ahead and do so – we’ll wait.  Hans has parlayed his adventures into two delightful books, which we cover in this episode, along with many other interesting things. Thanks for coming on the show, Hans, it was a great pleasure to talk with you!  And thanks for listening everyone! And as always, please keep the comments and suggestions coming, and please take time to rate the show on your podcast platform! The show email is [email protected], and there’s also a So Much Pingle group on Facebook, for discussion, comments, feedback, suggestions, herp confessions, tips for herping better, etc. -Mike

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