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SkyWatch TV | DR. THOMAS HORN - The Angel of Death vs The Gift of Life Part 1

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People all over western civilization and throughout the world have become increasingly violent toward their fellow man. An unexplainable rage seems to have overtaken many segments of society. People are willing to take to the street in protest, burn buildings down, brutally attack total strangers without obvious provocation, and more. The question is why have people become so violent? Is there a biblical answer for the rise in violence and dissent that we are seeing across our world right now? As a part of defender publishing’s fall 2022 virtual conference, Dr. Thomas Horn presented a special report entitled the angel of death vs the gift of life. In this presentation, Dr. Thomas Horn talks about his personal experience speaking with several violent criminals who disclosed to him directly that they believed that they were being directed by an evil entity or a voice. To commit violent atrocities. Dr. Horn connects these revelations to the recent rise of horrendous crimes we seeing break out all over the world today. From the deepest caverns of the human psyche to the Old Testament, from the potential rise of the Antichrist and the Nephilim to end-times epigenetics here is part 1 of Dr. Horn’s special report on The Angel of Death vs The Gift of Life.  Get your copy of "The Ancient Messenger Package" Dr. Thomas Horns groundbreaking Book "The Messenger".  "Ragnarok: Humanity's Last Stand DVD"  "Ragnarok: Mountains of Judgement DVD" ORDER NOW! CALL 844-750-4985 or visit

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