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Join the SkyWatchTV investigative team as they sit down with legend Pat Boone to discuss his newest book "If". Dive into Pat Boone's journey from small-town pastor to fame, Hollywood, music, and the life many can only dream about, as he shares the amazing path God set before him. Order now! - THE PAT BOONE SPECIAL OFFER! or call 417-723-0148 or 844-750-4985 IF: The Eternal Choice We Must All Make BOOK - IF starts with God choosing a normal guy from normal beginnings, and enabling that guy to make lots of hit records; star in major movies; host highly rated TV shows and specials; father four beautiful daughters with his beautiful wife, Shirley, and share sixty-five years of marriage. But wait! Along the way, God taught this “normal guy” some supernatural facts and lessons that can be of supernatural benefit to you!  IF Video Companion DVD - Join the SkyWatchTV Investigative Team and the ladies of Simply HIS as they sit down with Pat Boone in this 3-part companion guide. The Big "IF" DVD - In this amazing presentation, famous singer, actor, and self-proclaimed "Christian Activist" Pat Boone takes you on a trip through his illustrious career spanning over six decades! | | |

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