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Five in Ten 6/21/24: The Friday Five - Putin Was Ready to End War Two Years Ago

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The New York Times published a draft peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine from March of 2022 showing that the two nations were ready to compromise and end the war just weeks after it began. 5) Israel has approved plans for a ground invasion of Lebanon; 4) Poland, US, and UK intervened in spring 2022 to persuade Ukraine to keep fighting Russia; 3) Democrat insiders looking for way to replace Biden as presidential nominee; 2) White House reportedly has plan to ship Latin American migrants to Greece and Italy—but Greeks and Italians don’t know anything about it; 1) Researchers speculate that “cryptoterrestrials” may be living among us. FOLLOW US! X: @WatchSkyWatchTV | @Five_In_Ten YouTube: @SkyWatchTelevision | @SimplyHIS | @FiveInTen Rumble: @SkyWatchTV Facebook: @SkyWatchTV | @SimplyHIS | @EdensEssentials Instagram: @SkyWatchTV | @SimplyHisShow | @EdensEssentialsUSA TikTok: @SkyWatchTV | @SimplyHisShow | @EdensEssentials

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