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Five in Ten 2/23/24: The Friday Five - Migrant Gang Members Attack New York Cops

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Two illegal migrants accused of taking part in a mob attack on New York City police officers Jan. 27 were finally arrested this week. The men are allegedly part of a violent Venezuelan gang entering the US through lax border enforcement. 5) Ukraine’s new military commander-in-chief forced to order withdrawal from key eastern city; 4) Israel-Hamas war grinds on; 3) Violent Venezuelan gang linked to mob attack on New York City police officers; 2) Scientific studies showing harm from powerful hormones used in gender transition criticized for stigmatizing transgenders; 1) Corporate media defends occult gestures by Taylor Swift’s friend caught on camera at Super Bowl. FOLLOW US! Twitter X: @SkyWatch_TV YouTube: @SkyWatchTVnow @SimplyHIS @FiveInTen Rumble: @SkyWatchTV Facebook: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHIS @EdensEssentials Instagram: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentialsUSA TikTok: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentials | | |

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