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Five in Ten 12/8/23: The Friday Five – State-Sponsored Censorship

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Big Brother may be 40 years later than George Orwell predicted, but the censorship-industrial complex is here and spreading its tentacles through an unholy alliance of government, academia, and the tech industry. 5) Israeli forces reach southern Gaza Strip; 4) Western media signals to Ukraine that the time has come to end its war with Russia; 3) Green energy boondoggles; 2) Deep state’s war on free speech; 1) Melania reportedly wants Tucker Carlson for Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024. FOLLOW US! Twitter X: @SkyWatch_TV YouTube: @SkyWatchTVnow @SimplyHIS @FiveInTen Rumble: @SkyWatchTV Facebook: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHIS @EdensEssentials Instagram: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentialsUSA TikTok: @SkyWatchTV @SimplyHisShow @EdensEssentials | | |

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