Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion.


'Simply blooming' formerly Budai are a collaboration of people in many forms sharing co-creatively infinite soundless to sound frequencies of vibrational adventures. Always open in expansion, shifting, oscillating but most of all ‘being’ exhilarated in a life that shares infinity, immersing into infinite sound waves connected to conscious growth always.

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  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    Second Session Of Transcendental-Ascension Mediation Flow With Lord Ganesh


    Hi Friends, Here is the second session with Lord Ganesh on Transcendental meditation interconnecting Ascension flow that is truly at onement. Dive deep in your own readiness, allowing rather than forcing, shanti, shanti, shanti, Love Lord Ganesh xoxoxox --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast



    Hi Friends, Happy New Year!!! We have uploaded the first of many audio recordings that over time we will apply to a video but for now Ganesh felt that the audios will serve most eloquently. Ganesh will be recording a series of audios on 'Transcendental Meditation' his understanding through adventures resonating within I AM THAT I AM. Please be in your own time when you open up this audio, there is no one way to flow in your own beautiful adventure. A beginning can occur in any given nano second, so in your own readiness through resonance feel the inner call and choose to listen only then, as each person will reveal their own self to you within a journey of nano second flows. Love is light Ganesh, Isis and Simplyblooming Team xoxox --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

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  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    An Empowered State Of Being In Resonance


    Hi Friends, Ganesh and Lord Shiva were very adamant that we record this podcast and share with you all. It is an awesome time to be present in a world that recognises its ability to be empowered nano second by nano second. So Ganesh and Shiva share what it is to BE PRESENT and allow the light to shine nano second by nano second through recognising the non breath via the breath. In your own uniqueness as everyone is oscillating at their own rate and flow within their journey. This podcast elevates and meets and greets you where ever you are now. Namaste Love is light Ganesh, Shiva In Simplyblooming Team xoxoxox --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    A Quantum Field Flow With An Ayurvedic Understanding Of Infinity In Formless to form


    Hi, Thank you for listening to this podcast. It is about expansion within the quantum field flow creating awareness of the importance of the limbic, endocrine and nervous system but more importantly a beginning in recognising the importance of the element forces particularly SPACE - ETHER connecting to all that is, allowing a constant connectivity of alignment via the limbic and heart centre. Change is a constant in all our lives and change is simply that, 'change,' however change is an effortless flow and connectivity when we open up to SPACE -ETHER and in this a focused intention through allowance-transcendence in motion remains a constant. Happy Journeying and trust in your flow. Simply Blooming Team xox --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    Gaia - Nature - Sound Frequency Vibrations - Conscious Molecular Changes


    In every nano second we have the opportunity to dissolve, expand and simply flow unhindered, beyond the limited mind and into the cosmic consciousness always. In this podcast Lord Ganesh and the simply blooming team in Budai share a constant flow in transforming the molecular structures that are happening through source energy - cosmic conscious always. In this Gaia is transforming its molecular structure and to those of us who are consciously communicating to nature as nature interconnecting with a flow in any given nano second elevating the sound vibration in frequencies of light the 'kanyini - connectedness' is focused and clarifying and as the journey continues, details simply align and contribute to the state of wellbeing, dissolve constantly to allow a continued state of elevating and connectivity to simply 'BE' For myself, I simply LOVE nature and all it embodies, but most of all I love the communicative nature that senses my sound, connects me to the vastness of what nature IS within pure presence, the kindness but also the depths that keeps simply continues to deepen as I grow. Communicating directly with plants is beyond calling it a name ( and yes when sharing what plant identification, name calling is often served in some way), however when I have sat at the base of the oldest tree and felt the embodied energy engulf me and become one then all simply IS. There are many indigenous people and in this context the term 'indigenous' relates to all who are the kanyini - connectedness who can consciously  communicate to Gaia - nature, whilst others are still finding there way, opening up to what is possible then check out the following if you so feel the resonance: Link Shares:            Thank you for listening but most of all thank you for being present. Budai xox --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    Welcome To New Beginnings With Lord Ganesh And Simply Blooming Team


    Wow, what an amazing beginning to the beautiful new year! Happy creating and expanding your new adventures that are grounding, unfolding and truly manifesting through raising your sound frequency vibrational flow. In this podcast Lord Ganesh shares the true meaning of 'new beginnings' that can happen in any given nano second, he lovingly and playfully expands your horizons to openly express the wonderment of you flow within your 'presence'.  We share and encourage you to simply be yourself the amazing wonderful self empowered and ground YOU! In this the vibrations ripple out to bring forth those that you can resonate with, letting go of any angst, fear that is simply an illusion and pave your way into the quantum field that is so lovely infinite. We will be uploading a playlist on Spotify shortly for all to tap into and are always adding tracks to that playlist from our unique flow and suggestions other cosmically sound friends, yes that is you! :) Love in light Isis, Ganesh and the Simply blooming team. xoxo --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    The Quantum Field Is An Opportunity To Simply Be The Infinity Of Conscious Source Energy Nano Second To Nano Second


    Life can be full of wonderful surprises, curve balls and in nano seconds mind blowing experiences that encourage us to rise and shine. Flowing into 2021 we have the opportunity to remain aligned in a state of 'Presence', focused and able to manifest through the 'heart centre'. We are always radiating infinite light waves that are filled with infinite frequencies of soundless to sound vibrations that emit signals that are capable of creating life forms.  Absorb into the ether allowing more space to simply be and feel the co-creativity flow through every particle of your being. In this podcast we share the impending projects we are flowing in for the coming year ahead, being present in integral to be able to listen, observe and take appropriate action, connect and thrive. In the new year we begin to share with others recording live streams and recordings with others about their own adventures, connections to nature and more. Dan from 'hawley hikes' will be one such person to be sharing in this live stream. So check out some of his videos on youtube where he has filmed some of his hiking locations and adventures showcasing the beauty that nature simply embodies.  Here is his link Enjoy every nano second and when you don't flow back into presence and thrive once again. Love in light Budai  --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    Becoming The Nataraja In Your Daily Flow - Om Mani Pad Me Hum Quantum Field Ayurveda


    In everyday life there are infinite highs and lows however as we streaming into the timelessness of existence we morph into an ability to live simply from our sattvic nature. In this podcast we share glimpses of what is to resonate in subsequent podcasts diving deeper and deeper into the infinity morphing our energetic streaming from form to formless and onwards oscillating through the Sahasrara entwining within the heart and earth centre to disseminate through the 9 planets in the Merkabah flow and way beyond. For those who are already expressing through this timeless nature we salute you in your infinite ability to stabilise and expand with the constructs of Gaia, her heart is beating strong and loudly in you. Love is light Budai Hub Team --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    Transformation With Ganesh To Manifest Your Hearts


    Be the change that you want to be is allowing your resonance to rise and shine. In this podcast Ganesh navigates our neural pathwaves to awaken our already conscious awareness of the muladhara flow in being able to manifest what we desire as earthed cosmic beings. We are so capable in manifesting, yet we forgot how vast and creative we truly are in harmonic flow. 2021 is an amazing opportunity for realignment of a flow that is connected to nature, aligned with infinite harmonic soundless to sound frequency vibrations. In the coming year Lord Ganesh and others will be rising and radiating through the dance of the elements beyond what is currently understood within the gamma frequency, so allow the clearing of what was and is no longer relevant, freeing up 'space' in your flow to grow, grow, grow. Love in light Lord Ganesh in Budai Hub --- Send in a voice message:
  • Science Quantum Physics Through Ayurveda Flow & Expansion. podcast

    A Nano Second Can Transform You Life


    Life is AWESOME and in every nano second we have the opportunity to become the consciousness known as ‘presence’ a place where there is pure space - ether. Giving the gift of this nano second in any given moment is a gift of life in a transformation flow. We trust that in you are the most beautiful, amazing nano seconds that in any given moment creates a flow of life that you can simply BE! Love in light Budai Hub --- Send in a voice message:

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