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Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology

Satya Doyle Byock and Carol Ferris

Exploring Carl Jung’s magnum opus, The Red Book, chapter-by-chapter. In each episode, Salome Institute director, Satya Doyle Byock, and Astrologer Carol Ferris discuss C.G. Jung’s vast work while reflecting on Jungian psychology and history, the astrology of Jung's time and ours, and the political, social, feminist, and anti-racist relevance of this work today. C.G. Jung’s journey into the unconscious began in 1913, just months before the sudden beginning of WWI. It was this descent, laboriously documented in a large red leather book that has come to be known as "The Red Book" that underlies all of Analytical Psychology, also known as Jungian Psychology. You do not need to be steeped in Jungian Psychology or in astrology to enjoy this Jungian Podcast. Satya & Carol make this work socially and personally relevant for people of all backgrounds, even those with little experience with this material.

28 Episodes

  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Ep. 28 - Jung's Epilogue, Scrutinies, and the Seven Sermons of the Dead


    In this final episode of our journey, Satya begins by reading Jung’s Epilogue to the Red Book from 1959.  Satya and Carol discuss Scrutinies, what Sonu Shamdasani considers the third book of "The Red Book." They talk about the recent synchronistic publication of "The Black Books." Satya breaks down the history of Scrutinies and The Seven Sermons of the Dead. Satya explores Richard Wilhelm and the Secret of the Golden Flower, and Jung's emerging understanding of Alchemy. Carol shares the horoscope from this time and the shift from the 12th house to the 1st house astrologically. Jung is beginning to translate this journey into a psychology, rather than a religion. Carol and Satya read through Jung’s “Seven Sermons of the Dead” from 1916 and the strange experiences in Jung’s home, in which the Christian dead visit Jung’s home. They explore how Philemon has changed since “The Magician”. Satya concludes by returning to the beginning. Chapter: “Scrutinies.” THE END! Astrological Charts: Scrutinies - Dark Crowd / Worm Recorded October 25, 2020 
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Ep 27 - Toni Wolff, The Black Books, and The Magician


    As The Red Book nears conclusion, Satya & Carol explore the second half of "The Magician." Satya reflects on the origins of this podcast and its synchronistic ending with the release of The Black Books. Carol reflects on the beginnings of Jung's journey with the horoscope of October 13th, 1913, highlighting the explosive energy of Jupiter in both our time and Jung's. Carol explores the image of the serpent as woman and looks to Michelangelo's Adam, Eve and The Serpent in the Sistine Chapel. Satya highlights a shift in Jung's tone from surrender and query to enchantment and assertion. She relates Toni Wolff to Salomé, then quotes from the recently released Black Books, illustrating the influence of Toni Wolff on Jung, and Jung's need to make her "go away." The episode concludes with a discussion of feminism in Switzerland. Next week: a dive into Scrutinies. Chapter : “The Magician." Part 2. Astrological Charts : Jung / Magician Part 2 Serpent Story Recorded October 18, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

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  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Together like Philemon and Baucis in the Age of Aquarius - Ep. 26


    Carol Ferris read’s from "the Magician" and illuminates the intersection of healing, time, and space, weaving in the mythology of Philemon and Baucis as she and Satya explore the union of opposites with Philemon and Baucis, and Elijah and Salome. Satya tracks the feminine in Jung’s "Red Book" as Baucis stands in the kitchen. Carol discusses the coming into form of the yin yang pair of opposites. Jung asks where does one go to learn magic? Carol incorporates the Six Conformations of Chinese Medicine and Satya discusses the history of Jung’s psychology as it leads to Taoism and the union of the opposites. Satya & Carol discuss the Ego-Self Axis, Jedi’s, the Force, Karate Kid, and the importance of practice in connecting to the divine and the rhizome-like nature of the unconscious. Carol discusses the thinker and magician, David Abram. Carol speaks to the Age of Aquarius, The Great Ages (see chart), and when the “I” becomes “We.” Q&A touches on Tecumseh’s Curse, Baucis in the Kitchen, Jung & Quantum Physics, a return to our animal selves, the etymology of anima, and the somatic of Jungian Psychology. Chapter: "The Magician" Pt. 1 Astrological Charts: The Magician January 27, 1914 Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded on October 18, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Nothing Matches the Torment of One’s Own Way - Ep. 25


    This episode follows the news of the White House super spreader event and the president and white house staffers testing positive for COVID-19. As Jung arrives at the "portal of a great mystery" our hosts explore the various definitions of magic in Jung's Red Book, Satya speaks to Jung’s notion of individuation, the need to relinquish will power in favor of psyche, and the pain of going one’s own way. Ann Carroll speaks to Nietzsche, Will to Power, and Jung’s wrestling with Nietzsche’s “failed individuation." Satya and Carol explore the meaning of the Symbol. Satya reads from Jung’s "Psychological Types" and refers to Gandhi and Mandela’s experiences in prison. Carol shares a "decumbature" chart showing the movement of planets from the 12th House to the 1st in Jung's Chart at "The Way of the Cross." Carol discusses snakes, serpents, incubation dreams, and the image of the snake coming out of the mouth. Carol introduces Shawn Nygaard, an astrologer, to share some thoughts on the images. Satya emphasizes fantasy as Jung’s return to the feminine and offers an analogy of “the crazy girlfriend” as the neglected soul gone crazy Chapter: "The Way of the Cross" Astrological Charts:  The Way of the Cross, Jung: January 27, 1914 Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded on October 4, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Carl Jung and Rilke on the Future and Fate - Ep. 24


    In this episode, Carl Jung is in conversation with his Soul about the gift of magic. Satya Doyle Byock reflects on the uncanny similarity between Jung and Rilke on fate and future, she explores the meaning of Shuddering and Jung’s journey into embodiment through the Grimms’ fairy tale “The Youth Who Goes off in Search of Fear.” Carol Ferris explores Jung's many paintings in this section, hexagram 38 of the I Ching, the symbolism of snake bites, the Greek Moirai, Anthropos, and astrologer Liz Greene. Ann Caroll provides a translation for “Solace” and a discussion of comfort which leads to a new reading of this chapter. Q&A explores potentiality, the Gospel of Thomas, Yoda and The Force, Stanislav Grof, and the tools of Magic. Chapter: “The Gift of Magic” Astrological Horoscopes for Episode 24 Jung: Magic: 2020 The Gift of Magic Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded September 27, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Prophecy & The Coming New Religion - Ep. 23


    Satya Doyle Byock & Carol Ferris read this chapter in call and response fashion. Carol discusses the similarity of our time to Jung’s and reads from Paul Shepard's "Nature and Madness." Both accompany Jung into the complexities of maturation and psychological adulthood. Satya discusses her manuscript on Quarterlife, and Jungian psychology for younger adults. She also reads Max Zeller’s dream of the 600-year-coming religion and Jung's thoughts. Chapter: "The Three Prophecies" Astrological Charts: Three Prophecies Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded September 20, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Parsifal Got Out of the Wasteland by Uniting Left and Right - Ep. 22


    Satya Doyle Byock & Carol Ferris discuss the Union of the Opposites within Jungian Psychology. Carol explores Parsifal and the Wasteland at length and how it relates to Jung’s journey. Ann Carroll explores the gender translation in this chapter. The image of Atmaviktu shows up, a many-armed dragon creature and symbol of God. Carol discusses the 12th house and Jupiter. Q&A explores racism, projection, and cleansing with dirt. Chapter: "Nox Quarta" Astrological Charts: Nox Quarta Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded August 30, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    Madness, Neptune, Nietzsche & The Collective Unconscious - Ep. 21


    Chapter: "Nox Tertia" Astrological Charts: Nox Tertia Horoscope   Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded August 23, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    The Serpentine Path to Wholeness - Ep 20


    Satya & Carol discuss C.G. Jung's "Red Book" and its social relevance for our times. In this episode, Jung enters through the left door and deconstructs man’s prejudice toward animals. Satya discusses the “serpentine path to wholeness" and how to reclaim one's embodied self from the projection onto animals. Carol reminds us the Zodiac is not an idle abstraction. Ann Carroll illuminates the image of the cook through Erich Neumann’s "The Great Mother." Chapter: “Nox Secunda” Astrological Charts: Jung: Nox Secunda Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded August 15th, 2020
  • Carl Jung's Red Book + Astrology podcast

    The Imitation of Christ, Nietzsche, and Jung - Ep 19


    Satya Doyle Byock & Carol Ferris enter a series of more playful Red Book chapters, beginning with "Divine Folly" in which Jung departs from his own religiosity to express the critical importance of living one's own existence. Jung picks up a copy of "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis and starts a dialogue with the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. Carol illuminates the astrology of January 14th, 1914 and the Grand Cardinal Cross in Jung's horoscope. Ann Carroll explores Western Civilization's wrestling with the 2,000 year-old Christian narrative. Satya defines courage as vulnerability and inner work. Chapter: “Divine Folly” Learn More: Salome Institute: Carol: Satya: Recorded August 9, 2020

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