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Episode 37 - ‘Everyone is depleted of energy!’ With Jozef Frucek (Fighting Monkey)

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Attention all runners! Are you a runner that is purely performance orientated? Do you obsess over your GPS and strava data? Are you guilty of becoming a slave to your running program? Well, this episode is tailor-made for you. Last week, I had the honor of engaging in an unforgettable conversation with Jozef Frucek, the brilliant mind behind Fighting Monkey. I must confess, this discussion stands among my all-time favorite podcast moments. Jozef's unique creative flair and his ability to seamlessly fuse the artistic side of sport captured my heart. Throughout our dialogue, we delved deep into the challenges posed by modern Western culture, where money, efficiency, speed, numbers, measurement, and science tend to overshadow other aspects. While these factors may appear explicit and apparent, we should never overlook the immeasurable treasure of tacit knowledge. Jozef possesses an astonishing talent for articulating the intangible, abstract elements of movement. He emphasizes the necessity of diversity, variability, intuition, improvisation, communication, embodiment, rhythm, coordination, and so much more. In a society fixated on data and disconnected from our innate knowledge, Jozef's insights are nothing short of invaluable. So, whether you're eager to challenge the conventional training methods or simply curious about exploring movement in a holistic manner, this episode demands your attention. Join us now as we embark on a journey to deeply understand the profound impact Jozef Frucek and Fighting Monkey can have on your personal movement practice. Prepare yourself by lacing up your running shoes, grabbing your headphones, and diving into this transformative experience! 🏃‍♀️🎧🎙️ #RunCulturePodcast #FightingMonkey #MovementMatters #TacitKnowledge

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