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Episode 35- John Dutton's Marathon Story - 'Taming the Beast!'

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Today's podcast is a great lesson for any runner who has plateaued for a long time and feels like they never will improve again!


Up until 9 months ago John Dutton had not improved in the marathon for 10 years.


Last weekend John broke the 2:20 barrier at the 2023 Gold Coast marathon. This is his second PB in 9 months over the distance. John has now shaved a whopping 6 minutes off in 9 months!


We all have our barrier! Some kind of goal, that drives us and tantalises us, can we do it or is it a step out of reach?


I've known John personally for many years, we have run together and run against each other. We have spoken many times about breaking the illustrious 2:20 barrier in the marathon, this has been a barrier that John has dreamt about breaking for his whole running career.


John is a father of 2 boys, he is a full time plaster and has run more than 20 marathons or ultra marathons since 2005.


So, how has he done it? Well, listen in, as this conversation between two running mates, is full of wisdom! We hope the stories and learnings shared might help others learn faster than what we have!!!!

Thanks for giving me the privilege to share this fantastic marathon story on the Run Culture Podcast John!

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