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Ep 45- The Athletics Skill Model with Rene Wormhoudt

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Today on the Run Culture Podcast I had the privilege to chat to Rene Wormhoudt, the Dutch national soccer team strength and conditioning coach and a physical therapist. Rene is also one of the founders of; ‘The Athletic Skill Model’, a model designed to create more ‘adaptive/creative/versatile athletes’. If you are a therapist, coach or athlete trying to improve performance, reduce injury or make training fun this is a great listen for you!

The idea that participating in seemingly unrelated sports can emergently help your target sport's co-ordinative abilities and versatility, is a complex concept to comprehend in our linear modern world dominated by reductionistic science. However, the athletics skill model and Rene Wormhoudt shed light on the immense benefits of incorporating such routines. Embracing variability in training can enhance coordination and unlock potential in various physical activities. #FarTransfer #CoordinativeAbilities

For those interested in finding out more about the #AthleticsSkillModel please go to: and/or purchase the book.

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