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Ep 44- Kenyan Training, Norwegian Double Threshold Method and Callum Jones

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I first came across Callum Jones only recently when I was trying to find out more about the ‘Norwegian double threshold method’ and I came across his and Gavin Smith fantastic podcast called ‘Conversations About Running.’ Callum Jones is a competitive runner himself over 1500m to 10km and also a coach at; ‘Train Smarter, Run Faster’ with famed Kenyan Coach, Hugo Van den Broek (who he has studied extensively under). He’s also the head of marketing and a coach at ‘Running Trips’ a company that does training camps in Kenya. He has a girlfriend from Norway, so has spent a considerable amount of time in Norway trialing the Norwegian Double Threshold Method. He lives in Cornwall and runs for the Bristol track club. Last year, Callum travelled to Sierra Nevada and trained with the Norwegian Athletics Federation with athletes like, Simen Halle Haugen, Narve Gilje Nordas and Hendrik Ingebrigtsen. He’s a fantastic resource of running and coaching knowledge. It was fantastic talking to him today about the Norwegian double threshold method, and what training is like in Kenya, as well as his personal experiences with running himself. I hope you enjoy this chat, I certainly enjoyed hearing about how different cultures tend to train.

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