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Ep 40- Helen Hall: The Importance of Awareness & Noticing.

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🎙️🏃‍♀️ A few weeks ago I had so much fun chatting to Helen Hall, we talked for a mind boggling 2 hours! I’m so grateful for her time! Be sure to have a pen and pad ready, as this episode is jam packed with incredible insights! 🌟 Helen is a ‘running movement’ coach, who helps runners discover more joint-friendly, joyful movement for sustainable running. 📚 Her book, "Even with Your Shoes On," offers a non-dogmatic approach to help runners connect and become more aware of their bodies and improve their movement. 💫 Helen's unique expertise combines scientific biomechanical analysis with experiential knowledge, creating a holistic approach to better running. 🌟 Tune in for some valuable insights! #RunCulturePodcast #SustainableRunning #MovementMatters

Here's a link to 'the Lego Story' referenced in the chat:

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