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Ep 38- A Wholistic ‘Top-down’ approach to running mechanics - with ‘The Balanced Runner’.

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Today on the run Culture Podcast, I chat to Paul McKinnon, ‘The Balanced Runner’. We chat about his recent trip to the US where he has helped the Nike Bowerman track club with their running technique. We then talk about his experiences over the years as a Running Technique coach. We cover many things, including: -His wholistic top-down approach to running mechanics. -The importance of comparing ‘old versus new way’, - ‘Upper leg versus lower leg’ patterned mechanics, - Why he dislikes the phrase ‘lazy gluts’, - His thoughts on ‘cadence’, - Why working on your technique can help your running potential. - the typical process of changing your technique with the ‘top down approach.’ Thanks for this unreal chat Paul, I’m sure many runners are going to find it super useful!!! Find Paul on Instagram at @thebalancedrunner

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