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Rough Translation is a podcast about cultural mistranslations and what we can learn from them. Usually, we're heading to far off places to bring you stories that hit close to home. This spring, with the help NPR's Veterans Correspondent Quil Lawrence, we're taking on a cultural divide that's closer to home. One many Americans might not know is there.

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  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Marla's List


    Marla kept a detailed account of Iraqi civilians harmed by war. How did she recruit people in the U.S. military to help them? And what toll did it take on her? Part 2 of the story of Marla Ruzicka. You can find Part 1 here.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Marla's War


    Marla Ruzicka didn't belong in a war zone. Nobody in Afghanistan knew what to make of her. Until Marla started to solve a problem that no one thought could be solved.
  • Rough Translation podcast

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  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Rebels In The Valley


    Two worlds: dress uniforms and foosball tables. The military and Silicon Valley used to work hand in hand. Now, why won't big tech build them a new gonculator?
  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Battle Borne


    Alicia's situation raises questions about the VA's caregiver program. And a new diagnosis changes everything for Matt. How will Alicia and Matt start healing their respective wounds, borne out of different battles? Find part 2, Battle Lines, here. And part 1, Battle Rattle, here.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Battle Lines


    Alicia Lammers takes on the twin roles of wife and caregiver to her veteran husband. What happens when your husband becomes your official duty? Part 2 of the story of Matt and Alicia Lammers. You can find Part 1, Battle Rattle, here.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    Home/Front: Battle Rattle


    He's a veteran looking for love. She's a civilian who learns more about war than she ever imagined. Part 1 of the story of Matt and Alicia Lammers.
  • Rough Translation podcast



    Is it true that "you can't understand" if you've never been to war? In the first episode of our new season, we hear from people on opposing sides of a widening divide.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    War Poems Revisited


    As the U.S. pulls out of Afghanistan, we look back at a time when Taliban poetry and a local cooking show became part of the war. And the U.S. had the perfect person to fight on that front.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    How To Speak Bad English


    Heather Hansen used to teach people to speak "perfect" English. Until she realized that so-called "bad English" might be a better way to communicate.
  • Rough Translation podcast

    Liberté, Égalité, French Fries... And Couscous


    Our favorite McDonald's in Marseille, France has reached its afterlife. It took court cases, spray paint, and the slogan you know turned upside down (literally) to get there.

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