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Modern Star Trek doesn't want to hurt your feelings (A ROBSERVATIONS Short Take)

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ROBSERVATIONS host, Robert Meyer Burnett, explains how storytelling works and the importance of setting - and sticking to - consistent rules that help define the world in which your story takes place. Rob reviews this article in Polygon (, which celebrates modern Star Trek's abandonment of 50 years' worth of established structure in favor of putting the individual feelings of characters before the verisimilitude of the Star Fleet organization that serves as the main framing device for all Star Trek stories.

By abandoning the very structure that defines 50 years' worth of stories, the writers of modern Star Trek are on the verge of breaking the backbone of the franchise itself.

This short take is a segment from ROBSERVATIONS episode number 788, which streamed on February 12, 2022. The total runtime for this segment is just about thirty-four minutes.

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