Rise & Thrive with Sexy Fit Vegan Founder Ella Magers podcast

Rise & Thrive with Sexy Fit Vegan Founder Ella Magers

Ella Magers, MSW

A holistic health and wellness-forward show for the vegan-curious and the curious-vegan...

Ella Magers is on a mission to revolutionize the way we as human beings navigate this adventure we call life holistically, both by up-leveling our own health and wellbeing through self-compassion, but also expanding our circle of compassion to all living beings in the earth itself.

She's found that the most powerful way to move through the world is with curiosity, and the openness and desire to discover her blind spots which is why she felt called to launch this interview-based show.

Ella is fascinated by the idea of designing our lives with intention, and loves learning about the habits, routines, and rituals that the world's most inspiring human beings have explored and incorporated into their daily lives.

You're invited to take what you discover and use it to unlock lasting health, to honor your physical and spiritual self, and to create a centered and fulfilling life that benefits not only yourself, but also other people, animals and the planet.

Get ready to navigate your way through mastering health, embodying happiness, and experiencing fulfillment in your life... together with Ella.

The time is now... Let's do this!

48 Episodes