Raise the bar with Troy Haines podcast

Raise the bar with Troy Haines

Troy Haines

I never thought about becoming a jump coach when I was at UCLA. The kinesiology degree I graduated with was a means to further my jumping career. When my competitive career ended, coaching became a way to stay connected to my sport. I enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of my athletes. I have applied my knowledge of physics and biomechanics to all aspects of athletic and jump training. The combination of having experienced competing at the high school and collegiate levels and a masters degree in exercise science from CSULB give me a unique skill set. I’m always searching for answers to the question How can I get better? and How can I jump higher? Helping my athletes reach their potential and watching them pursue their jumping careers into collegiate athletics is very rewarding. It is also and very gratifying to see my jumpers obtain scholarships and continue to compete at even higher levels.

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