Political Roots podcast

Political Roots


Dive into the rich soil of politics and pop culture with "Political Roots," a podcast where the past and present intertwine to shape our understanding of the political landscape. Each episode, join us as we invite prominent politicians, cultural icons, and influential activists to share their personal journeys and the moments that have shaped their political ideologies. From the earliest memories that sparked their political consciousness to the current issues that drive their advocacy, our guests unravel the threads of their political evolution against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. Alongside these intimate conversations, we'll delve into how pop culture mirrors and influences political discourse, bringing a fresh, relatable perspective to the pressing issues of our time. "Political Roots" isn't just a podcast; it's a platform for deep, engaging dialogue. It's about understanding how individual experiences contribute to the collective political narrative, exploring the intersections of identity, culture, and politics.  Tune in to "Political Roots" for insightful, thought-provoking discussions that go beyond the headlines, offering a unique blend of personal storytelling and in-depth political analysis. Let's get to the root of politics together!

14 Episodes