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  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    Policy in Pandemics - we'll be back soon!


    Thanks for listening to the first series of Policy in Pandemics. We're taking a short break while we line up the next episodes but will be back in a couple of weeks.
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    Covid in Africa: A smouldering crisis


    Despite an unexpected delay in covid-19 mortality rates, Africa is facing an 'unprecedented policy crisis'. We speak to Kate Dooley, the West Africa Regional Director for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Kate talks about her experience working on Ebola in 2014-15 in Sierra Leone and the differences of covid-19 to Ebola. We discuss what is happening on the ground in Africa, what might be behind the surprisingly low mortality rates, and the impact an economic shock of this size will have on Africa, especially as the rest of the world begins to re-open their economies. Host: Peter Harrington Editor: Emmie Fairbairn Producer: Katherine Valentine
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

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  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    Inspiring transformative growth | Interview with Matt Andrews: Part 2


    Can covid-19 bring greater transformation and morality in economic policy making? We conclude our conversation with Matt Andrews examining the longer term impact covid-19 might have on the international development sector. Matt discusses the opportunity for ‘game-changing growth’and his hope that this crisis will accelerate a shift towards countries taking greater ownership over reform, and greater authorship of their own development pathway.
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    Crisis leadership | Interview with Matt Andrews: Part 1


    In the first of a two part conversation we discuss what makes good crisis management, good communication, and leadership in the public interest. We speak to Matt Andrews, head of the Building State Capability Programme at Harvard, and Edward S Mason professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. We explore what some countries have got right, empowering people at all levels of government to lead and take risks – moving from ‘control orientation’ to ‘coordination orientation’ – and the need for mechanisms to enable rapid learning to develop context specific responses. Host: Peter Harrington Editor: Emmie Fairbairn Producer: Katherine Valentine
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    COVID-19 in South Africa: “Invest in trusting relationships”


    We speak to the Emeritus Head of the Health Department for Western Cape, Beth Engelbrecht, about the COVID-19 response in South Africa. We discuss the challenges of a public health response the context of massive economic inequalities, large vulnerable populations, and the ever present social and economic legacies of Apartheid. Beth provides insights into the benefits of dispersed leadership, and the existing health and social infrastructure that has helped South Africa manage the enormous challenges above. Host: Peter Harrington Editor: Emmie Fairbairn Producer: Katherine Valentine Listen to 'No Pata Pata' in full here: https://youtu.be/8M9O4sPISc0
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    COVID-19 in Punjab: Smart lockdown & cultural sensitivities


    We discuss the smart lockdown and kick-starting the economy in Punjab with the Chairman of Punjab’s Planning and Development Board, Hamed Yakoob Sheikh. This podcast was recorded on 23 April. As of 12 May, there are 32,081 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan and 706 deaths. There are 1932 cases in the Punjab province, and 33 confirmed deaths. In the discussion we explore the challenge of tailoring protective measures to context; coordinating between federal and state levels of government; the tricky process of balancing public health with a gradual exit from lockdown and planning for economic recovery; and the need to work with the grain of cultural practices. Host: Peter Harrington Editor: Emmie Fairbairn Producer: Katherine Valentine *Due to constraints caused by the current lockdown, this episode was recorded with limited technology and as such we apologise for any inconsistencies in sound.
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    COVID-19 in Albania: agile response, arduous recovery


    In our first episode of Policy in Pandemics, we talk to Etjen Xhafaj, who is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Albania, about the crisis so far in Albania and how they have responded, highlighting the successes of Albania's epidemic handling so far despite a number of challenges. The conversation was recorded in the second week of April, but Albania’s epidemiological statistics have not changed significantly. As of May 3 Albania had under 800 cases, 31 deaths and no new deaths recorded.
  • Policy in Pandemics podcast

    Policy in Pandemics - Trailer


    Welcome to Policy in Pandemics, a new podcast from Oxford Policy Management which will be looking at the current Covid-19 crisis from the perspective of governments, leaders and policy makes around the world. What you can expect from us in the coming weeks? We’re going to be talking to a whole range of different people – people in government who are grappling with the crisis response, people outside government who are affected by it, practitioners, academics, interesting thinkers and doers all over the world – all to give you a unique window into how different places are dealing with COVID-19. We want to grapple with the tough policy questions, and find the amazing stories that are defining this extraordinary time. So welcome to policy in pandemics. We hope you enjoy.

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