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York Campbell

Poetic Earthlings is a cosmic joyride for your ears. These are short, dark and beautiful stories that will challenge your perspective. Each show is different but they all will take you to unexpected places. If your new you can start with Programable, Better Version Of You, Murder Within the Colour Wheel or the latest episode. Since this is a cosmic joyride for your ears I recommend headphones, and a mug of ginger tea.

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    Season 4 Teaser


    An original short story sci-fi experience that goes beyond labels and boundaries so we could all become better earthlings. Subscribe now. Follow me on Twitter @Poeticearthling Season 4 starts on February 1, 2022
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    Murder Within The Colour Wheel (Encore)


    A utopian city made out of colours is devastated by a homicide. Is diversity a blessing or a curse? Season 4 is just around the corner with new original stories you can't get out of your head. I'm on a mission to break down barriers and find the connected thread. If you believe the world is divided and tribal then join me. I don't believe in so called "safe places" these places tend to shield us from other groups. Poetic Earthlings Studio is open to edit and produce your podcast, DM @Poeticearthlings on Twitter or visit Poeticearthlings.com While you're there you can sign up for the Earthlings Report, this is our free newsletter to help writers overcome imposter syndrome and writer's block. If you like this show continue to show your support and buy us a coffee at buymeacoffee.com/poeticearthlings. Music is licensed under Epidemic Sound
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  • Poetic Earthlings podcast

    Changing Scenery


    Behind the glistening snow lie something tragic. A family's strange disappearance, three potential murders, and a life prison sentence all await on the outside. So what do these two scenes have in common? Make sure you tune in to find out! This is a special bonus*** episode, written by Brent Stark and taken from his podcast Most Precious Commodity. I have produced a couple of seasons of his show including this episode. Special thanks to the Head Instigator Timothy Kimo Brien from Create Art Podcast and the british sensation Emily Inkpen. If you want your podcast professionally edited with music and effects send me a DM on twitter @poeticearthling or on my website Poeticearthlings.com Brand new season starts in early 2022
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    What happens when a man dressed in black  interrupts my family dinner and destroys the season finale. Season 3, Episode 12 Yes My fellow earthlings this is the season 3 finale. Little bit of a spoiler, it didn't go as planned. I wanted to leave you with something thoughtful, inspiring and even spiritual. I owe it to you since you've been listening since day 1.  However, as they always say, plan for the unexpected. Unfortunately I didn’t do that. In my defence I was struggling with how to conclude this season. Everything I wrote was crap. I started one story just to run into plot holes and roadblocks. Also my dear sweet family was coming over from Jamaica. Great!  Not because I don’t love my family but this gives me even less time to work on a finale. That wasn’t the worst part. A man dressed in black sat nearby, no one invited him and no one could see him but me. The rest of the story you have to listen to and draw your own conclusions. Thank you to the following earthlings who contributed to this season. Emily Inkpin at EmilyInkpin.com Jennifer Willis  Alex from Time For Your Hobby Podcast  Timothy Brien from Create Art Podcast Tiffany C Lewis from rebellionlit.com The Storyteller Graffiti Bleu Shawntay from ctamarketing.biz  Subscribe or Follow Poetic Earthlings at the following Poeticearthlings.com Apple Podcast Google Podcast Spotify Amazon Support Please buy me a coffee to show your love for the show (function() { window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { listeners: [], forms: { on: function(evt, cb) { window.mc4wp.listeners.push( { event : evt, callback: cb } ); } } } })(); First Name First Name Leave this field empty if you're human:
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    Life, Death and Other Distractions


    Jeff’s lifeless body is wheeled back and forth from the office.The first potential head transplant makes the news. Perhaps my colleague could leave his wheelchair behind but is this just a distraction? Season 3, Episode 11 Most of us are distracted with the nonessentials. We worry ourselves to death about trivial things. We live in a world of distractions and as technology increases by the millisecond are attention divides. Youtube and Twitter are the template of attention deficit. These short messages and videos are easily consumed in a couple of minutes. Shorter videos and tweets generate more likes and reshares. Longer messages are ignored.  If you want to go viral it has to be short. Back in my days and I’m not that old, people's attention span was wider. We could read an in depth article without getting distracted by stupid cat videos. But we crave distractions because it keeps us from asking profound questions, such as the meaning and purpose of life and what happens after we die.  These are uncomfortable questions, we’ll rather talk about the latest Marvel movie or political scandals, but these are the most important questions. When we investigate and answer these questions life itself will be more rewarding and beautiful.   Poetic Earthlings Studio If you're thinking about starting a podcast but dread the idea of editing and sound design then I could help you. We could have a free 30 minute zoom chat to see if my services are right for you, we have to be a perfect match. There’s no tricky sales tactic and zero pressure. Reach out to me on poeticearthlings.com in the contact section. Special Thanks to Tiffany C Lewis, please discover all of her books at  Rebellionlit.com (https://rebellionlit.com/) Brent Stark, his podcast is Most Precious Commodity  Music is licensed under Epidemic Sound
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    You Can Call Me The Collector


    Urban legend speaks of a man dressed in a black pinstripe suit, gold pocket watch and a fedora. He appears when you least expect him, and he collects what you desperately try to keep. Season 3, Episode 10  The Collector goes by different names depending on your culture. I have investigated him for the past couple of years and collected, excuse the pun, many stories from around the world. Some claim he’s a negative spirit sent from the Underworld, others claim he’s an agent of the Divine Order. I have mentioned him in an earlier episode and you will hear from him again in the season finale. The Collector is not a hero or a villain he’s just like us at the same time he’s way different than us. I know that sounds confusing but hang in there. If you're still confused after this episode you can DM me on Twitter @poeticearthling also if you have more theories about this supernatural being I will like to hear from you. Poetic Earthlings Studio is finally open If you're thinking about starting a podcast but have no time to edit, sound design and produce it then I could help. We could have a free 30 minute Zoom chat to see if my services will work for you. DM on twitter or on the contact page on my website, Poeticearthlings.com  Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound  Special Thanks to Tiffany C Lewis and Tim Hardie from the UK To support the show please buy me a coffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Poeticearthlings
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    Beast Within


    There is a beast living inside of us, it could either be a source of strength or destruction. Season 3, Episode 9Earthling Spotlight My special guest is Gordon D Lanyon he is the author of The God Hunters, his debut science fiction novel. We talked about character development, world building and the pros and cons of self-publishing. The God Hunters is also available as an audiobook. I'm a really slow reader so thank goodness for the audiobook. Gord is a retired English teacher that now lives in beautiful Victoria BC.Upon his retirement after 35 years of teaching he got to work and wrote his first book.The God Hunter is an action pack mental joyride. Something Wild, Something Wicked is his second upcoming book within the Hunter Series. Gord is looking for beta readers if your interested you'll get a free copy of his second book and your name will be included in the acknowledgment section. Gord's Twitter handle is @glanyon56 Special Announcement Poetic Earthlings Studio is officially open.If your a writer thinking about starting your own podcast then I could help.Podcasting is easy but to make it sound great takes time and skill. I could audio edit and create a sound design that will compliment your content.Just like every book needs an editor, every podcast needs an audio editor. Reach me on PoeticEarthlings.com within the contact page or send me a DM on twitter @poeticearthling. We could set up a free 30 minute Zoom chat to see how we can work together. Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound Extra Special Thanks to my son Elijah
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    Connected Dots


    Some events in our lives seem random like unconnected dots, when we look closer we see the threads. Season 3 Episode 8 If there's no purpose in life than the pursuit of one's pleasure then the human experience will have no meaning. True meaninglessness is to inhabit a universe without strings. To exist as a singular organism detached and independent. Some may call this liberation to live without attachments, to answer to no one, to be your own god. Detachment and radical independence creates loneliness. "Man is not made to be alone." Like it or not are actions creates a ripple effect, and other people's actions impacts us.We are influenced for good or bad. There is also Cosmic Domino Effect where one action creates a chain reaction. Cosmic Domino Effects are difficult to escape, but not all of them end poorly. Contact You can DM on Twitter @poeticearthlings or on PoeticEarthlings.com Support Please continue to support the show on buymeacoffee.com/poeticearthlings Music for this episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound. For your first month free of podcasting please visit Blubrry.com and enter the promotional code First Earthling
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    Tom Cruise VS Jesus


    The Hollywood Superstar or the Chosen One, who will you choose. S3 Episode 7 Jesus has been misunderstood, misscategorized and maligned.He's the most famous man to ever walk the Earth. His teachings and way of life is both magnetizing and polarizing. He was born a rebel, lived as a revolutionist and died as a martyr.His followers called him the Lamb of God, the Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Chosen One. Times have changed and has given birth to Hollywood and Social Media. Historical figures with rough edges and uncomfortable features are chiseled, repackaged and relabled. To appeal to a broader demographic Jesus had to change. His radical ideas and unbending dogma needed to give way to progressive enlightenment.Sin, damnation and the cross needed to be replaced. With slow strategic and precise measures a new Jesus emerged from the factory. This version is passive, tame and a bit of a hippie with long blonde hair and creamy blue eyes. By toning down his message and converting him into a self help guru he appeals to the everyday Walmart Shopper. Not wanting to feel left out many churches ditched the biblical Jesus for version 2.0. Such a gamble paid off as Mega Churches blossomed across America. The historical/biblical Jesus is still out there in the desert telling mankind to repent. It's harder to find him with Netflix, YouTube and thousands of distractions. If you search for the real Jesus you may not like him. He's not going to tickle your ear and call you his special snowflake.He's not going to overlook your sins and give you a pat on the back. Too bad.So be careful what you search for. Support Thank you once again for your financial support. You can give monthly or per episode by buying me a coffee at buymeacoffee.com/poeticearthlings Music All music is licensed under Epidemic Sound
  • Poetic Earthlings podcast

    Rebel Leader


    Don't you wish you can defy the norms and rebel against the system. Our special guest Tiffany C Lewis shows us the way. Earthling Spotlight, ** Bonus EpisodeS3, Ep 6 Have you read a book you couldn't put down? Tiffany's recent short story book, Helpless is one of those. This book is comprised of eight stories from all different genres. Romance, Paranormal, Science fiction, adventure, horror, crime fiction. We dive deep into her writing process, her self will and determination to give birth to relatable characters. If your a struggling writer and you need someone to walk you through the peaks and valleys then look no further. Tiffany is the author of six books and has been published more than a dozen times in anthologies and magazines. She is also a publisher at Rebellion LIT who works tirelessly to support other authors looking to bring their art to the world. She resides in Sacramento, CA with her family and Miniature Pinscher. Special Thanks When your not listening to Poetic Earthlings please check out Most Precious Commodity, with host and writer Brent Stark. Support Please continue to spread the word about this show. You could also give financially on buymeacoffee.com/poeticearthlings. Music for this bonus episode is licensed under Epidemic Sound.

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