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Transform your everyday parenting challenge with connection & fun. Join Helena Mooney and guests to find out how simple, fun & quick games can turn difficult situations around AND how to best help your child when they’re angry, upset or anxious.

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    What do you tell yourself when your child is having a tantrum?


    What do you tell yourself when your child is having a tantrum?That you're a bad mumThat you've done something wrong -That there's something wrong with your childThat they're being ridiculousIf they're like this now, what are they going to be like when they're a teenagerIs it always going to be this hard?Why does it have to be like this?Your mental chatter can be exhausting!This episode is to offer you reassurance on your child's behaviour when they're having a tantrum, to share a recent example with my son, and to remind you of the benefits of listening to your child in this way.Because children's emotions can be messy & loud & difficult! Our emotions can be too as adults.With my eldest I had all forms of doubt & fears and concerns. There was lots of self doubt and feeling overwhelmed.With my second, I had the benefit of understanding children & emotions so much better, so that I'm able to recognise what's really going on and what's needed - without the debilitating mental chatter.And that's what I want for you. I want you to be more confident on how to be able to be with your child when they're having such a hard time in a way that will really help them.So if you want support so you can feel more confident in those moments, you can:book in a 1:1 sessionjoin Annoying to AMAZING! - my online program if you have children aged 1 - 8 years oldjoin Aware Parenting Babies if you have a baby under 1Visit
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    Homeschooling in Lockdown - with Joss Goulden


    With lockdowns being extended in Melbourne & Sydney as well as other parts of Australia, it's important we figure out the best way to help our children with their school work. This episode is going to help you to do just that.Whilst lockdown parenting is nothing like normal homeschooling, in this episode I'm joined by Joss Goulden, an Aware Parenting Instructor who has homeschooled her children (her 18 year old son will be going to university next year).Joss is so warm, down to earth and insightful in what your family needs to be able to navigate this challenging time with your kids.You'll feel reassured and inspired how to make this lockdown experience as enjoyable and beneficial for you allWe cover:what you can do to be able to help your kidswhat you need to prioritise with your children to help them be able to learn betterhow to help your child when they're being resistant to doing their work and having meltdownstaking control of your child's learning - realising you can make choices and prioritise what's going to work for your familyhow to integrate work with homeschooling your childreassurance that your child is learning all the time, not just through worksheetsscreens! how you can use them to your benefit and manage them with your kidsCLICK HERE to read Joss' lockdown learning articleYou can contact her here:WebsiteFacebookInstagramFor more support from Helena, download your FREE GUIDE: Shout Less & Connect More with 5 SIMPLE Games! Download today: Helena:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
  • Parenting with PLAY! podcast

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  • Parenting with PLAY! podcast

    How To Make Lockdown Parenting Easier


    As much as I hate to say this, lockdowns seem to be a part of our lives now. As the rest of the world opens up, here in Australia we're still in them. And there's a high possibility of lockdowns coming back in the Northern Hemisphere's winter...Mental health issues, particularly for teens, are soaring.And whilst you can feel hopeless that you can't control what's going on in the outside world, the good news is that you CAN transform what's happening for you and your family.So, how can you make the best of this difficult situation?In this week's podcast episode I cover:1. How to best support yourself, so that you can then support your family 2. Looking for the good in the situation3. Using this time for an Emotional Project with your kidsIf you want more help with your kids's behaviour this lockdown, then join my FREE Workshop this Thursday 4 August at 8pm Sydney timeThe 3 Secrets to Make Parenting Easier in LockdownHow to create more harmony without bribes or punishmentsWhat your child needs to be able to entertain themselves while you workThe secret to make home-learning easierTHE #1 mistake you need to STOP makingYou'll walk away feeling clearer about how to manage lockdown better with your kids in a way that's going to help all of you.JOIN HEREAnd if you're listening to this and I'm not running the workshop, then join my online program Annoying to AMAZING! where you'll receive ongoing support - including weekly Q&A's, fortnightly mentoring calls and monthly masterclasses - to help you with your kids whether you're in lockdown or not.Website:
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    Helping Siblings Get Along Better - with Belynda Smith


    I know it may not seem like it, but your children do not want to fight each other. They want to get along with each other. But there are times when it's really hard for them to do that. Their upset feelings take over and they lash out.Discover how you can help your children at a deep, emotional level which really shifts how they feel and how they behave in this fantastic conversation with Belynda Smith, a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and former High School Teacher.She shares some fantastic games you can easily play, as well as the importance of having the opportunity of being listened to as a mum.Belynda is a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and she shares candidly about how she felt she was "losing her mind" when her kids were little, and the difference that this approach - particularly the play - has made in her parenting and the relationship between her 2 boys.About Belynda SmithBelynda is a single mum and a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor with two beautiful boys who are now in their tweens/teens.Website:​Facebook: GUIDE: Shout Less & Connect More with 5 SIMPLE Games! Download today: you want more support with your children:Website:
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    How to Choose the Best Daycare & Help your Child with Separation Anxiety - with Steph Fleeton


    Sending your child to daycare is a big time for both of you. So what do you need to look for in a centre and how do you help your child adjust to being away from you?In this episode I interview Steph Fleeton, an Early Childhood Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor who runs a Family Day Care, to give you these answers.About StephSteph Fleeton is an Aware Parenting Instructor, Parenting Support Counsellor and Early Childhood Educator. She runs her own Family Day Care, with a strong focus on Aware Parenting, nature play and child-directed learning. Steph also offers one-on-one sessions for parents and educators needing support for children in the early years. GUIDE: Shout Less & Connect More with 5 SIMPLE Games! Download today: more support with your children:Website:
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    The Importance of Rough & Tumble Play - with Stacy Wilson


    Physical play helps to build your child's physical and emotional confidence. So be inspired with playful ideas for more high-energy, rough and tumble play with your kids with Stacy Wilson, a fellow Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor & Primary School Teacher.This type of play is perfect for bedtimes, transitions between separated parents, offloading frustrations & emotional upsets and so much more.We also talk about how beneficial vibrant play is for girls, as well as for boys, particularly as they get older and are less likely to be running around in the playground.Plus, we discuss Stacy's progression into becoming more of a playful parent, so if you don't find it easy to be playful, you're not alone!So enjoy bringing some more rough & tumble play into your day.You can follow Stacy at Growing Goodnesswww.growingoodness.com GUIDE: Shout Less & Connect More with 5 SIMPLE Games! Download today: you want more support with your children:Website:
  • Parenting with PLAY! podcast

    When You're Not Happy With Your Child's School Report


    Getting your child's school report can be exciting and affirming, or it can be stressful and demoralising.So in this episode I offer you ways to best manage your reactions and responses if you are disappointed or worried about your child's report. When you do this, you'll be you'll be calmer & less stressed, and so in a much better position to then support your child with whatever, if anything, they're needing. Together, you'll be able to figure it out.If you'd like help in diving into your fears or finding solutions to help your child, you can book in a session with me here. Or join Annoying to AMAZING!, my online program with group coaching support, to learn & master the tools to best help your child (aged 1 - 8) navigate all of life's challenges, including school.Website:
  • Parenting with PLAY! podcast

    Playful Inspiration for Toddlers to Teens - with Chiara Rossetti


    Be inspired with silliness and discover ways to be playful with your kids from toddlers to teens. With Chiara Rossetti, Aware Parenting InstructorYou are going to LOVE this episode! So much fun & silliness with the fabulous Chiara Rossetti who's an Aware Parenting Instructor with 2 teenage children. She is amazing at bringing play to all situations and you'll be able to see how you, too, can incorporate such fun & silliness into your family.We cover a range of topics including:- starting out simply with your child - using their hands- ways to improve meal-times- teeth-cleaning- helping your child to separate & return to you, especially if you've separated from their dad- dealing with rude words- addressing your own triggers & big reactions- the importance of your child crying too- play with teenagersLINKSChiara's fantastic list of silly games ideasPlayful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.​Attachment Play by Aletha Solter Ph.D.Connect with Chiara directlyDiscover how to incorporate play into your day to help your children with their emotions & their behaviour with my FREE Workshop: Transform Your Child's Behaviour with Play!
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    Picky Eating - how play can help


    How are mealtimes in your family? Fun & easy? Or a battleground?!If you're struggling to help your child eat normal, healthy food and you're using TV to distract them, or offering the reward of pudding / dessert, or any forms of coercion, then this episode will help.Find out how to use play to transform mealtimes and help your child eat well both now and in the future.To discover how play and connection can help your family with other parenting challenges, join Annoying to AMAZING! for information, inspiration & personalised support. Helena Mooney here:Website:
  • Parenting with PLAY! podcast

    Listening to your baby or child's first cry. How it "changed my world" - with Vivien Tawse


    How do you feel about listening to your baby or child cry with you? Hear how one mum felt and the transformation she experienced with her babyIn this interview with Vivien, she shares the impact Aware Parenting has had on her 13 month old daughter Nina especially around bedtimes, nappy changes, starting daycare and life in general. She shares how their relationship has deepened and how she, as a self-confessed emotional eater, now responds to her own emotions.You'll hear Nina happily playing around in the background.If you'd like help with your baby or your child, visit: your FREE GUIDE: Shout Less & Connect More with 5 SIMPLE Games! Download today:

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