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EPISODE 188- From Banknotes to Bytes: G+D Mobile Security's CEO Philipp Schulte's Blueprint for the IoT Era Innovation and Marketing

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Philipp Schulte, CEO of Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security, pioneers connectivity and IoT innovation. His corporate strategy expertise, coupled with CFO experience, drives his passion for innovation. With a background in management consulting and academia, he brings a strategic vision to the forefront.

On The Menu:

1. IoT provides secure technology for critical infrastructures, ensuring reliable data transmission and security benefits.

2. Investments in transportation, logistics, and tracking solutions optimizing supply chains, and enhancing environmental control.

3. Efficiency and waste reduction, such as eliminating plastic SIM cards, lead to CO2 footprint advantages.

4. Reducing complexity and ensuring interoperability is crucial for IoT's full growth potential.

5. Importance of balancing regulatory changes like the AI Act and Cyber Resilience Act to foster a healthy IoT ecosystem.

6. Security is built into all layers, including chips, operating systems, encryption technology, and data management.

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