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EPISODE 184- Surfing the Data Wave: Samsung's Head of Advanced Network Research Yue Wang on Telecom Trends

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Yue Wang, Head of Advanced Network Research at Samsung Electronics, is a trailblazing leader in 6G innovation. Leading a dynamic team, she drives research in network architecture and AI-native networks, earning recognition such as the 'Chinese Women of the Year - Technology' Award. As Chair of the AI Expert Working Group at UKTIN, Yue is instrumental in shaping the UK's telco AI ecosystem.

On The Menu:

1. AI as the foundation for telecom transformation, reducing costs and expanding revenue streams.

2. Balancing risk-taking with ROI justification and staying ahead of emerging tech.

3. Identifying opportunities and recommending unified frameworks for AI in telecom.

4. Diverse and inclusive environments are crucial for team morale and creativity.

5. Symbiotic Relationship: AI and Connectivity for efficient collaboration and data sharing.

6. Progress in deploying AI solutions for computational resources.

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