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EPISODE 183- The Next Frontier for AI is On-Device: Qualcomm CMO Don McGuire on why Hybrid AI is the key to Broad AI Adoption

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Don McGuire, CMO of Qualcomm, brings over 25 years of experience spanning service provider, device OEM, content/applications, and semiconductor sectors. A decisive and high-energy leader, he excels in creating innovative marketing campaigns and collaborative partnerships to launch cutting-edge products, notably in 5G technologies.

On The Menu:

1. Enhancing device capabilities for user benefit through efficient on-device AI.

2. Potential privacy risks and benefits of on-device AI proliferation.

3. Scaling AI across devices, edge, and cloud for sustainability and user benefits.

4. Ensuring stakeholder alignment and cybersecurity in AI integration.

5. Measuring awareness, sentiment, and brand affinity for ROI assessment.

6. Separating B2B and B2C branding for audience-led storytelling.

7. Embracing AI for augmentation, not replacement, with governance and principles.

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