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EPISODE 173- Wax On, Wax Off: Tackling Blockchain Gaming Challenges with Wax's William Quigley

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William Quigley, a cryptocurrency and blockchain veteran with over two decades of experience, started as the first institutional investor in PayPal. He has since played a key role in incubating and investing in more than 30 cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, co-founding game-changing ventures like Tether, GoCoin, and WAX. His enduring influence continues to shape the digital financial landscape.

On The Menu:

1. Early Exposure to Virtual Item Trading: Partner's concept of trading virtual items for real money.

2. Delegated Proof of Stake Mechanism: Application to video game virtual item trading.

3. Video Games as Technology Pioneers: Pushing boundaries with graphics and augmented reality.

4. Tackling Blockchain Gaming Challenges: Creation of Wax as a purpose-built blockchain for media files.

5. Sustainable Blockchain: Adoption of proof-of-stake to address energy consumption.

6. Future of NFTs: NFTs as mini-computers with endless possibilities.

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