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EPISODE 172- Value-Based Ventures: Vitor Asseituno's Prescription for Outcome-Focused Business

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Vitor Asseituno, the Co-founder & President of Sami, is a dynamic force at the crossroads of healthcare, management, and technology. Having successfully founded Live Healthcare, acquired by Informa, and served as an investor at Vitta, acquired by Stone, Vitor brings a wealth of experience to his leadership role at Sami. Under his guidance, Sami has raised an impressive US$55M from four of the top five most active tier 1 VCs in Latin America, showcasing his expertise in navigating and thriving within the intersection of these dynamic industries.

On The Menu:

1. Diverse Teams Matter: Acknowledge the challenges of diverse team collaboration.

2. Startup Culture: Emphasizing the importance of a hustler mindset

3. Smart Marketing Tactics: Waiting lists, referrals, and utilizing unconventional platforms are effective.

4. Post-COVID Healthcare Challenges: Analyze hurdles in the healthcare system.

5. Outcome-Focused Business Model: Value-based care pays for results.

6. Adapt for Faster Improvement: Stress the importance of short measurement cycles.

7. Series A Impact: Address challenges in managing larger capital.

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