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EPISODE 170- AI as Artisan: Perestroika's Jean Philippe on Intellect and Imagination

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Jean Philippe a leading authority on creativity and creative processes serves as a partner at Perestroika Group, the largest school of creative activities in Latin America. As a TEDx speaker and seasoned educator, he has honed his expertise through programs like the SIY Program, LEGO Serious Play, Kaospilot School, and Holacracy Certification. Over the past three years, he has collaborated with global brands including Red Bull, Oracle, Walmart, Coca Cola and Linkedin.

On The Menu:

1. Perestroika’s Creative Methodology: Engaging through both semantic and episodic memory.

2. Diverse Educational Offerings: Schools, workshops, and online festivals, tailored to diverse topics and industries.

3. AI as a Learning Tool: Utilizing it to explore different perspectives and enhance creativity.

4. Key Topics in International Events: Emphasizes on the symbiosis of neuroscience and creativity for future success.

5. Barriers to Creativity: Work on creative skills, experiment with different processes, and consistently seek inspiration.

6. The Future of Creativity: Balance between human and machine learning to find equilibrium to address new challenges.

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