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Why mastering communication is essential for good sex w/ Brett Bartholomew Ep41

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Brett Bartholomew is a performance coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and host of a top-ranked podcast. After nearly losing his life as a teenager, in part due to poor medical care, Brett founded the leadership development company Art of Coaching™ which focuses on the unique role optimised communication plays within organisations and elite teams. His experience includes working with members of Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Special Forces, and sporting organisations and professional athletes. His book, Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In, achieved international “Best Seller” status in two categories and has been ranked as “Amazon Top 100 Books Overall.” In today’s episode we delve into how his obsessive use of exercise led to a year in hospital and an insight into the world of communicating without care. He shares why there’s no blueprint and how to get better at conversations across different types of relationships AND how he’s mastering open conversations about sex in his marriage Topics we talk about: - Dealing with depression and anxiety as a teenager - How he used exercise as an obsessive outlet - How a year of his life spent in hospital forced him to do the inner work - Why communicating is a minefield and where to start - The best way to evaluate the way you communicate at work - There’s no one size fits all when you’re communicating - How Brett code switches with his wife when they work and live together - Mastering open conversations about sex in his marriage Links: - Brett's Company: Art of Coaching - - Brett's Book: Conscious Coaching - - Brett's Social Media: @Coach_BrettB - - Brett's Webbsite -

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