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Weekly Roundup 01/19/24 (ETF winners, Dimon's Satoshi theory, Lutnick on Tether) (EP.499)

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Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode: 

  • Our plans for episode 500
  • Jamie Dimon thinks Satoshi might return and vanish the bitcoins or increase the 21m cap 
  • Howard Lutnick goes to bat for Tether 
  • Chevron doctrine is challenged in SCOTUS
  • Dunking on Tether Truthers
  • Coinbase vs SEC resumes 
  • Coinhares acquires Valkyrie
  • The relationship between GBTC and spot BTC
  • BTC ETF rankings after 4 days of trading
  • Coin Center declines to answer Elizabeth Warren
  • Morgan Stanley on stablecoins (and did they plagiarize?)
  • Will restaking cause an ETH fork?

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