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DeFi Education Fund and Beba sue the SEC (EP.514)

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Miller Whitehouse-Levine and Amanda Tuminelli of the DeFi Education Fund join the show. In this episode we discuss:

  • Beba, an American apparel company based in Waco, TX and the DeFi Education fund have filed a complaint against the SEC, challenging the agency’s pattern of regulation via enforcement.
  • The specific’s of Beba’s airdrop campaign.
  • The Debt Box case and the pattern of behavior that the case highlights.
  • The status of Congressional action on market structure, stablecoins and SAB 121.
  • How the DeFi Education Fund prioritizes key initiatives.
  • How to get involved in this case and support the broader mission of the organization.


To learn more about the Beba case: https://www.defieducationfund.org/post/it-s-our-time-def-goes-on-offense-against-the-sec


To learn more about the DeFi Education Fund: https://www.defieducationfund.org/


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