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New Process Podcast

Mirko Kloppenburg

Mirko Kloppenburg from shares all the learnings and insights of his journey to rethink processes so that you can apply industry-proven BPM tools, methods, and best practices to manage, improve, and innovate your processes. Learn how to use the human-centric New Process approach - a symbiosis of New Work and Business Process Management - to push your business process or even the Management System of your organization to the next level and to inspire people for processes. Mirko has been working in several process management positions within the aviation industry for 20+ years. An industry which is known for its high safety standards and high process maturity level. Now, Mirko helps you to transfer these experiences to your own processes. He explores topics such as process purpose, process strategy, process design and improvement including process mining and RPA, process modeling, process implementation and process steering as well as improvement of process execution (i.e., lean, kaizen, six sigma) so that you can generate benefits immediately. Mirko challenges CPOs, process owners, architects, vendors, consultants, researchers, and cross-industry experts in interviews and provides answers to your questions in the ‘Ask Mirko’ sessions! Don’t miss it. Hit subscribe and get ready to rethink your process.

26 Episodes