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Welcome to the Never Not Creative podcast. Never Not Creative is a community for creatives to come together and tackle the challenges we face in the creative industry. From how to manage and improve your mental health, to getting paid what you're worth and everything in between.

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    Creativity and Football Mini Series E03


    It's the 3rd episode of our Creativity & Football mini-series. Craig Elimeliah is an award-winning ECD at VMLY&R in New York. A native New-Yorker he gets his football analogies from the oval shaped ball rather than the circular one. A couple of months ago, Craig wrote a brave post on Linkedin sharing his experiences with many years of mental heath ups and downs. It's not easy to suddenly go from zero to a hundred in the transparency and vulnerability stakes, but Craig has taken it in his stride and now understands his own mental health in order to pull the right levers at the right time. He's also excited by the change our industry is destined to make with a new generation of talent and leaders who won't stand for the toxicity and culture of the past that has burnt out far too many of us. Need help with your mental health? Find out more about Craig. Craig's interview with David Sable for New York Festivals. Thanks to - the AI-powered wellness app that helps you focus, relax, and sleep better through the power of sound. Created by artists, proved by science. And thanks to Streamtime. Project management software for healthier creative businesses. More at --- Send in a voice message:
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    Creativity and Football Mini Series E02


    Dr Zac Seidler knows a thing or two about football. Whilst he's scored many a goal from all over the pitch, his ultimate goal is to reduce the staggering rate of male suicide. In this second episode of our Creativity & Football mini series (psst, yeah the one on men's mental health in the creative industry) Andy and Zac discuss everything from mental health to masculinity and the one secret that just may give men the courage to speak up. Find out more about Zac at and of course support the global Movember phenomenon at where Zac is Director of Mental Health Training.  More from NNC at  Thanks as always to --- Send in a voice message:
  • Never Not Creative podcast

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  • Never Not Creative podcast

    Creativity and Football Mini Series E01


    Welcome to a Never Not Creative podcast mini-series. Creativity and Football. We're talking to men about creativity, football and... who are we kidding? This is an essential listen. A mini-series dedicated to the topic of men's mental health in our industry. We kick-off our first episode with Pete Brennan. Co-founder of Heaps Normal, Electric & Analog and lucky for us, sharer of stories and experiences about his own journey with mental health. We're publishing this series because its almost guaranteed that whenever we run something around mental health – we'll see max 10% of males as part of the audience. It's time to chat fellas (and everyone of course, but especially the men). The more open you are, the more honest you are and the more you realise that more than half of this world is feeling something similar, the more we can all help each other. Thank you to Pete for sharing, talking and helping others realise it's good to talk and get to know yourself. Find out more about Pete, Heaps Normal and Electric and Analog below. Linkedin - Heaps Normal - Electric & Analog - Thanks to Streamtime - --- Send in a voice message:
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    S4 Ep8 Qualified?


    Asher Oliver didn’t take the traditional ‘qualified’ pathway into the creative industry. After graduation from university with a Business Management degree in 2009, he moved back home and encountered a huge struggle in regards to finding employment. Like many graduates having to rely on casual work meant Asher became a waiter in an Italian restaurant, but he never gave up what had become a passion on the side for animation. While researching opportunities, Asher came across Gary Vaynerchuk and his mantras of: HUSTLE - HARD WORK - FOCUS - NO EXCUSES When Asher reached out to Gary himself, opportunities appeared. The collaboration opened many doors and he now works full time at Food Fight Studios. Thanks to Streamtime for all their support. --- Send in a voice message: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Never Not Creative podcast

    S4 Ep7 A side of business


    Blair Enns (author of Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity) joins Andy to discuss the challenges that creatives have when it comes to business. How our emotional attachment to work can hinder financial success and why we shy away from the grown-up stuff. We also discuss the pro's and con's of unpaid internships and whether mental health issues are naturally more present in creatives.  Links: Rocket Fuel book Win without pitching Mentally-Healthy research Never Not Creative Thank to Streamtime for all their support – project management software for healthier creative businesses. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Never Not Creative podcast

    S4 Ep6 Culture and colleagues


    Andy and Sarah are back with another episode on a Never Not International Women’s Day talk with Tom Tapper.   Tom is the co-founder and CEO of B-Corp certified agency, Nice and Serious. In 2008, he co-founded Nice and Serious with a clear purpose: to make creative work the world needs. Since then, he’s exclusively worked with pioneering charities and brands to make creative work that amplifies social and environmental causes. From international brands like IKEA, Unilever, Innocent and Ben & Jerrys, to pioneering charities like Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Alliance and Parkrun.   Constantly aware of being in the privileged position of the white male founder of a successful branding business, Tom is interviewed by Ve on the extra efforts to ensure that Nice and Serious delivers on being a business that strives for equality.   Listen to the full podcast ep or watch the talk at  The Moral Compass -  Nice and Equal - More at Big thanks to Streamtime - --- Send in a voice message:
  • Never Not Creative podcast

    S4 Ep5 Equality + respect


    Join Andy Wright and Sarah Nguyen in another episode to discuss two powerful talks from Never Not International Women’s Day - ‘Until your fear of me isn’t my problem’ with Tanarra Schneider, and ‘Until we flip the question’ with Andy Polaine.   Tanarra is a Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, leading Design in the Midwest. She spills the tea about the outcomes of a system predicated on the fear of women’s success.    Dr. Andy Polaine is a designer, educator, coach and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability, transform their organisations and themselves. Andy flips the question from “what should we do?” to “what should we stop doing?” and dealing with the underlying structural issues that create inequity.   Watch their talks at More at Big thanks to Streamtime - --- Send in a voice message:
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    S4 Ep4 Move on John


    Somewhere around 2015, the first of the John genre articles arrived, trumpeting that there are more CEOs named John than women CEOs in their entirety.   In this episode, we have a well-presented talk by Jess Lilley, who focuses on this issue and talks through what we (John) can do about it. Jess is a co-founder at The Open Arms, a creative company that strives to weaponise empathy to help communities thrive. After a near 20-year career as an award-winning writer and creative director in some of the world’s most renown ad agencies, Jess realised the culture of the ad world just wasn’t working for her (or her family). She joined forces with a couple of great people to create something a little different. Their goal is to make work with a social purpose that leaves their patch of the world a little better than they found it. Listen to the full podcast ep or watch this talk at Big thanks to Streamtime - Other links: Episode analytics --- Send in a voice message:
  • Never Not Creative podcast

    S4 Ep3 All inclusive


    Jane Duru (Verbal Design Director, R/GA) and Sumita Maharaj (Associate Design Director, Re:) join Sarah and Andy to discuss their recent submission to Never Not International Women's Day. From having to bring a 6-pack to a meeting to get a seat at the table and a constant need to over-prove themselves Jane and Sumi share their stories and experiences from the world of advertising and design. You can watch their talk at Never Not International Women's Day. More at Never Not Creative. Thanks to Streamtime. --- Send in a voice message:
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    S4 Ep2 Kill the stereotypes


    To make meaningful change in workplaces all around the world, we need to recognise that the gender inequity in our industry and society is a cultural problem. We need to show men what they can’t see all around them - the norm. The norm that has let stereotypes rule and anyone but a privileged white male suffer.  Join this discussion with Daniele Fiandaca and Deborah Rey-Burns. By his own admission, Daniele is the very definition of privilege - white, male, straight, middle class and privately educated. As Founder of Creative Social, he often spoke about issues facing the creative industry including the lack of gender diversity. Daniele set up the Token Man community to create a safe space for conversation and get men to improve their education and get a better understanding of the challenges women face. Daniele is Founder of Utopia, a culture change business that re-wires organisations for the Age of Creativity.    Deborah, Founder of Propela and Curator-at-large for ReDesign Business and the Future Of_, Deborah has built a global network of moon-shooting experts that can help companies thrive. She helps events and organisations connect with the superhero thinks of today - the thought leaders and change-makers working on the bleeding edge of business and culture.    Watch this conversation (as well as others) here: Other links; 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗 --- Send in a voice message:

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