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2: Barbie (2023)

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Plug in your headphones and prepare for a cinematic rollercoaster, movie enthusiasts! This week on Movies R Us, we're bending the reel and breaking the mold with a deep dive into the 2023 hit, "Barbie" โ€“ yes, you heard it right, the doll with the dream house is now living large on the silver screen!

๐Ÿ‘› "Barbie: Not Just a Doll Anymore" ๐ŸŽฅ

Ever pondered the impact of a plastic icon turned flesh and celluloid? Join Justin, Desmond, and Jeremy as they dissect the cultural phenomenon and unexpected depth of "Barbie." Directed by Greta Gerwig, this film is much more than child's play, tackling themes from identity to societal norms with a pink-coated punch.

Featuring a star-studded cast including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, "Barbie" delivers laughs, gasps, and perhaps a few existential crises. And don't miss our hosts' personal anecdotes โ€“ from childhood toy destruction to the hilarious reality of playing with Transformers and Barbie's alike.

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The credits are rolling, but the discussion is just getting started. Tune in, turn up the volume, and let's talk "Barbie" on Movies R Us!

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๐Ÿ“‹ Episode Chapters

(00:00) Justin used to break all of my toys when we were growing up
(03:20) Scott surprised me a few hours ago and said we have to record Groundhog day
(04:33) Greta Gerwig is in a new movie called Babe. 114 minutes from 2023
(05:40) This movie is overlooked. I mean, sorry, I'm only going to mention some stars
(09:18) The milk is spoiled. I'm going to sneak you into the movies tonight
(12:50) Jeremy: The Mattel logo is completely advertisement in this movie
(14:51) Mattel is looking to make money on movies because kids aren't buying toys
(19:23) There's so many things about this movie that help this movie land
(22:18) Jeremy: This movie is fantasy, nerd. Don't you think this is fantasy
(25:34) Jeremy says he likes dark hair and dark eyes and olive skin
(28:48) I just want to add one thing. Just to mention my plain blonde infatuation
(32:35) Ken learns about the patriarchy. Barbie learns that she has influenced nothing in the real world
(34:39) John Cena is funnier than the rock, Jeremy says
(35:44) This movie made me laugh out loud a lot. And it also made me cry a couple times
(38:12) Simulu is great. The very end of the movie made me laugh
(40:17) Justin: I have a son that's in college right now
(42:15) Your favorite line in the movie is this: I play the guitar at you
(45:10) Ria Perlman was best known for inventing the Barbie
(49:43) All of the dolls in the movie were real. I'm pretty sure they were legit
(53:29) Jeremy: End of this movie, we have to talk about genitalia
(54:45) Justin: I was thinking of some Kens that you might want to know
(57:38) Desmond: It would be a toss up between goodfellas and Casino
(01:01:17) After my grandfather died in 1996, I would stay over my grandma's house
(01:03:52) We do a free podcast called time pop about time travel movies
(01:06:36) Scott: Bulletproof is a great movie. Am I ever going to watch it again? Probably not
(01:09:47) Ken says he has all the genitals after having a vasectomy
(01:11:06) Okay, this podcast is over. You're putting words in my mouth, sir


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