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Christopher Sleight

A show about adventure in wild places. Stories of climbers, explorers and those that go to the hills to go home. Hosted by Christopher Sleight.

20 Episodes

  • Mountain podcast

    #20 The fall, part II


    Jackie Greaves survives for two nights during a big winter storm. She’s finally found by a search and rescue dog, bundled into a helicopter and flown to hospital. Jackie’s safe, but then another ordeal begins. Music Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman, Namaste by Jason Shaw, Impact Prelude by Kevin MacLeod, Hung Balance by Ketsa, Cylinder Five […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #19 The fall, part I


    February, 1994. The Cairngorms are in the grip of an Arctic storm. Alone and in a whiteout, Jackie Greaves strays out on to a cornice. Seconds later, the snow collapses into air. Music Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman, La Brise by Circus Marcus, Little Black Cloud by Poddington Bear, Tentative Steps by Kai Engel and […]
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    #18 Where the road runs out


    Bikepacking coast-to-coast across Scotland. Adventure cyclist Lee Craigie loves to ride her bike, but when the road ends and the trail begins, the ride becomes so much more than a simple journey through the landscape. Music Paris (Elite Athlete Remix) and Amsterdam by Lasers, Waterbourne and Algea Trio Blue Dot Sessions, Padded Walls (reEdit) and Alesis 2010 by Floating Spirits. Credits Thanks […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #17 In footsteps


    There are days in the mountains that have you hiding behind rocks to get out of the relentless wind. Days when you tug your hood over your face to shield it from blasts of hail. Days when you think: “Where did all this begin?” Music Shiny Clouds by Ketsa, Butterfly/Kid On The Mountain and Lark In […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #16 A quarry full of ghosts


    Even small hills have secrets. A chance discovery on a mountain walk leads to a hidden tunnel entrance and an abandoned village. Music Cloud Line by Blue Dot Sessions, Seeing The Future and Shooting Star by Dexter Britain, Dark Water, Juliette and Three Colors by Podington Bear, Piano Hymn (Instrumental) by Weinland and Going Home by Lee Rosevere. […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #15 The scream


    Ben Nevis, February 2015. Climbers on Ben Nevis are enjoying some of the best ice conditions in decades. And then a chilling scream cuts through the mist. Music Cylinder Four and Cylinder Seven by Chris Zabriskie, Le Soir J’me Raconte Des Histoires Dans La Cave and La Tapa Del Lunes by Circus Marcus, The Fathomless Caves II by Jihel, […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #14 This is Mountain


    The best moments from the first year of the Mountain podcast. Music Hands of Time by Amy Sayer. All the other music used is credited on the individual episode pages. Credits You heard the voices of Joe Symonds, Andy Brett Wenz, Dave and Anne Lindop, Duncan McCallum, Freya Beesley, James Roddie, Anna MacQuarrie, Alan Halewood, Susie […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #13 The famous first screech


    Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has cycled around the world, walked across deserts and rowed the Atlantic. His last expedition was a simple walk across Spain, but it brought him face-to-face with his deepest fear. Music Threaded Clouds by Blue Dot Sessions, Spanish Moss by Ennio the Little Brother, Shinedown and  Somnolence by Kai Engel, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Winter Mvt 3) played by […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #12 The hills I call home: Arran


    We all love to explore new places, but most of us also have some hills we call home. For Kirstie Smith, it’s the heart of the northern mountains on the Isle of Arran. Music A String (Instrumental) by Loch Lomond,  (I Am) Climbing On Air by Kai Engel, Autumn Sunset and Serenity by Jason Shaw, Autumn Leaves by […]
  • Mountain podcast

    #11 Race on the edge


    Beach, bog, mountain and sea. Triathletes Cat Morrison and Caroline Wallace take on one of the UK’s toughest adventure races through one of the country’s most extraordinary landscapes. Music Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie, Ocean Tapping and When the Wind Comes by PC III, Humm OK by Gablé, Over the Fence and Headlights/Mountain Road by Blue Dot Sessions […]

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