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MIND YOUR BUSINESS - Lead Generation | Work from Home | Virtual Assistant | Freelance | Business Systems | Marketing

Sabrina Knapp - Business Advisor | Marketing Strategist | Coach

Are you tired of feeling anxious about the lack of growth in your business? Are you sick of not knowing where to start in looking for your ideal client or even how to attract them? Do you wish that you could quit posting your every thought and moment to social media so that you are noticed? How do you create more time and get more productively done in your business? Should you hire a VA? In this podcast, you will find truth to who YOU really are as an entrepreneur. Welcome Home! I‘m glad you‘re here! Hey Friend, I‘m Sabrina Knapp , Business advisor, Strategist and Marketing Freelancer . As a 19-year business owner, I’ve learned what it truly takes to grow and audience and a network that WANTS to buy from you. But, its takes time, effort and a rock-solid strategy! Its not easy - and I spent years spinning my wheels before I stopped and listened to sound advice. . So, I get it. You want freedom. You want your life back. You need help and someone to take a little of the stress and demand off of you and your business. Need a website, or social media help, how about a new marketing strategy? If you are ready to finally feel success in life and business, you‘ll find the help here. I‘ve got you sister! If its time to quit the guessing game of who your looking for and how you can help them, then I‘m here to help you find that clarity and finally learn to attract them to you! Get ready for an exciting break through of those mental roadblocks and unlock all of God‘s promises to you in business AND in life. I‘m so excited to meet you. I truly want you to feel like we are doing life together, because sister, I get it. I see you. And, I can‘t wait to watch your business grow! *I‘d love to meet you and hear your story. We already have so much in common and I know that what I‘ve been through can truly help YOU change the motions of your business. Lets do virtual coffee really soon! www.calendly.com/sknapp06/30min *Would you love to be part of a community of like-minded women who struggle with the same struggles that you do? Would you like the chance to brainstorm with them, uplift them when they are down and have them celebrate you when you WIN?? Then let‘s do ALL of this together. There is a group of women waiting on you to join us, in my FB community. You are exactly who we have been looking for! www.facebook.com/groups/letsrediscoveryourbusiness Want to chat? How about a question? Just want to sort out a few things in your business and want to talk to someone who isn‘t going to charge you an ”arm and a leg”? Awesome. Let‘s do it. Email me at [email protected] and lets set up a time to get together! I can‘t wait to visit about what‘s up with you! As always, I want to celebrate you and all of your success. I want you to learn about me, and I‘d love to get to know you. Friend me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sabrina.r.knapp Let‘s do this, friend!

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