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Tish Jennings - Contemplative Education

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In this episode, Wendy speaks with contemplative educator and researcher Patricia (Tish) Jennings. Tish has been a pioneer in bringing mindfulness and compassion into school settings, with a particular focus on helping teachers. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • her experience as an educator and a meditator;
  • how teacher stress contributes to the classroom environment;
  • how contemplative practice can help bring awareness to automatic responses, and help shift them;
  • the process of attunement and our core as social beings;
  • how teachers can be sensitive to students who have experienced trauma;
  • problems with the industrialized model of education;
  • how teachers can be a force for change from the inside;
  • yoga and body sensation as mindfulness for young children;
  • somatic awareness and understanding emotions;
  • and what young people need most right now.

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