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Jenny Mascaro – Compassion in Healthcare

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In this episode, Wendy speaks with biological anthropologist and contemplative researcher Jenny Mascaro. Jenny's work weaves together meditation, compassion, psychology, and healthcare, and moves us toward a deeper understanding of interconnectedness. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • her interest in social cognition in animals - and humans;
  • what compassion is, and how it's different from empathy;
  • biological basis of compassion, and the role of oxytocin;
  • how social factors and context shape compassion;
  • training compassion and the skills underlying it;
  • understanding self-compassion;
  • the under-appreciated role of hospital chaplains;
  • compassion training for chaplains;
  • preparing for interpersonal interactions;
  • how compassion shows up in language;
  • how compassionate care can help anxiety and depression;
  • responding to healthcare provider stress;
  • how meditation has changed her;
  • and building awareness of interdependence.

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