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Jamie Bristow – Policy, Practice, and Planet

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In this episode, Wendy speaks with mindful policy advocate and contemplative teacher Jamie Bristow. Jamie co-directs the Mindfulness Initiative in the UK, an organization that bridges contemplative practice and public policy, championing the inner dimension of social change. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • why he first started meditating and the surprise that came with it;
  • his commitment to climate work;
  • integrating advertising talent into policy work;
  • mindfulness in the UK government;
  • development of the Mindfulness Initiative;
  • the nuts and bolts of mindful policy work;
  • policy advances in health, criminal justice, and education;
  • mindfulness as a foundational capacity (not just a skill);
  • how the mind relates to the climate crisis;
  • consequences of our failure to see the interconnectedness in the world;
  • how mindfulness and compassion can help with reconnection;
  • two modes of operating (holistic intuitive vs. verbal conceptual);
  • and where to go from here.

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