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Ed Taylor – Leading by Example

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In this episode, Wendy speaks with University of Washington vice provost and dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Ed Taylor. Ed has made major contributions in the areas of contemplative education and leadership, with a focus on moral and integrative education and social justice. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • growing up embedded in community and giant sequoias;
  • learning to be still with the mind;
  • teaching meditation amidst anger dysregulation;
  • embodying contemplative skills in the classroom;
  • the gap between our mind's story and our body in the moment;
  • the relevance of contemplation to wise and effective leadership;
  • moving from ego-system to ecosystem awareness (systems thinking);
  • implementing systems change in university settings;
  • normalizing failure and modeling vulnerability;
  • letting students lead in defining the community they want;
  • imagining the world you want to live in when things are not OK (reflections on the days after George Floyd was killed);
  • understanding critical race theory in education;
  • and the central role of community in healing.

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