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Brendan Ozawa-de Silva – Embodied Learning

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In this episode, Wendy speaks with Buddhist scholar and contemplative educator and researcher Brendan Ozawa-de Silva. Brendan has been studying and teaching mindfulness and compassion for over a decade, and has lately been focusing on integrating trauma-informed and embodied practices into his work. This conversation covers many topics, including:

  • his interest in contemplation (and an introduction to the Japanese practice of Naikan);
  • adapting contemplative training to a variety of settings;
  • the capacity of young people for compassion, mindfulness, and conceptual frames;
  • what's missing in contemplative research;
  • empathy/compassion as something that arises between people;
  • the embeddedness of researchers in the systems they study;
  • the SEE Learning program;
  • trauma in the body & nervous system regulation;
  • understanding different forms of trauma;
  • healing and forgiveness;
  • barriers to compassion, misunderstandings about the meaning of compassion;
  • how the world is built on compassion;
  • and new teaching endeavors with experiential learning.

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