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Maximized Minimalist Podcast

Katy Wells

This podcast is dedicated to helping women ditch their clutter and live a simpler, intentional, more meaningful life. I help women stop living on the modern-day hamster wheel of motherhood, by providing expert advice on achieving a life with MORE, by having LESS. Join the Maximized Minimalist Movement!

137 Episodes

  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    3 Ways to Maximize Your Declutter Efforts


    Tune in as I share three ways to maximize your declutter efforts and stay committed to reaching your simplifying goals for 2022! To join my next challenge:  
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    134: How to End Clutter Shame (And Further Your Simplifying Progress!)


    In today's episode, I share with you ideas on how to put an end to clutter shame. If you're ready to enjoy all of the benefits that come with releasing shame, then you'll be kickin' off 2022 in such a powerful way. Enjoy! To join my 14-Day Clutter Challenge:  
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

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  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    133: 5 Tips for Restoring Peace for The Holidays With Caley Kukla


    Tune in as I chat with Caley Kukla, childhood development expert, to help us move through our holidays (and parenting in general) with more merriment and ease. Caley's Workshop Info: January 2022 Clutter Challenge, sign up now!:  
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    132: Laila Ali: Balance, Motherhood & Pursuing Your Dreams


    If you want to finish out the year feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take on 2022, today's episode with Laila Ali is a must-listen. Not only is Laila a world champion boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali - one of the greatest boxers of all time - she's also a homeschooling mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Join us as we talk about balance, motherhood, clutter, and how to pursue your dreams and follow your heart. To join my next clutter challenge:  
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    131: Gracious Ways to Request "No Toys Please"


    This episode gives you helpful statements you can insert into birthday invitations or use for any gift-giving occasion. If you're tired of toys or too many material gifts, use these 12+ ideas to gently ask for other types of gifts. Enjoy! To grab today's action guide:
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    130: What's Your Focal Point (And Why You Need One)


    In today's episode, I help you set your focal point this holiday season (and beyond) so you can stay focused on what really matters, whether that's reaching your goals (runnin' 5Ks, decluttering and anything between) or staying true to your vision of simple holidays.  Enjoy!
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    129: Family Gift Ideas (That Don't Create Clutter)


    Tune in as I share clutter-free gifts and unique ways to give them for simplified holidays and celebrations! Enjoy!
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    128: 5 Ways to Have a Minimalist Holiday


    Tune in as I share our family's favorite ways to enjoy the holidays (gifts included!) To join the Clutter Cure Club (and get FREE access to my Challenges): To enroll in my upcoming challenge:  
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    127: The REAL Reason You Hate Doing Certain Chores


    What if I told you that you can go from dreading a downright annoying chore to making it tolerable and a breeze to do? In today's episode, I share my 3 secrets to make this a reality! To join my LAST clutter challenge of 2021: To get your best colors from Jeannie, Your Color Guru: Use code: clutterfree for 10% off her services
  • Maximized Minimalist Podcast podcast

    126: Struggle Being Content? Then Try This


    Do you find yourself always looking for things in your life/home to update, improve, buy, or do you "chase the shiny objects"? Because owning less is great but if we can never learn to be content with what we have we will continually reach for the next “best” thing. Think of it this way... Contentment is a muscle that you need to “flex” more this time of year - so that your home and mind stay clutter-free. Tune in as I share 3 ways to UP your contentment this holiday season and beyond! To join my next Challenge:  

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