Marketing To Millions podcast

Marketing To Millions

Liz Boer

Marketing to Millions uncovers the secrets behind profitable online businesses and the marketing strategies for modern entrepreneurs that actually get results.Hosted by marketing strategist, business coach, and the ads manager behind multiple million-dollar launches, Liz Boer, Liz will take you behind the curtain, and campaigns that move the needle in building your online business, influence, and your brand. Along with sharing her best-kept secrets from being in the trenches behind million-dollar marketing campaigns, Liz will interview everyday people who have scaled their businesses to millions, industry experts, and influencers that are making magic happen. Liz and her guests will reveal insights to help you get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve entrepreneurial success. Liz and her guests will provide you with actionable advice and answer your most pressing business and online marketing questions. Expect honest, useful, and energetic conversations about marketing, business, how to profit from your passions, online courses, building an influence, Facebook Ads, social media, hiring a team, and mindset tips.Whether you are just starting out or ready to scale to millions learn the latest marketing and business strategies that will actually get you results so you can design the life and business you love. 

68 Episodes