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My name's Amy and I'm a junior doctor and running coach with an interest in sports medicine. On these podcasts I chat to runners, coaches and healthcare professionals about their experiences in sport and the advice they have for others.

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  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Lifestyle Medicine & Physical Activity - Dr John Sykes


    On this episode I’m joined by Dr John Sykes. John is a general practitioner, certified nutritionist & Trustee and Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM). We’re discussing what lifestyle medicine is, the many health benefits of keeping active and the role that healthcare professionals can play in promoting physical activity.
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Exercise for Good Health - Professor Robert Thomas


    On this episode I’m joined by Professor Robert Thomas. Professor Thomas is a consultant oncologist, professor of Sports and Nutritional Medicine and author of 'How to Live' - a book that provides evidence-based advice on keeping fit, healthy and free of illness. We’re discussing the role that exercise plays in cancer prevention, the relationship between exercise and oxidative stress, and nutritional considerations for active individuals.
  • Marathon Medic podcast

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  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Cycling LEJOG on Chemotherapy - Gareth Emmerson


    On today’s episode I’m joined by Gareth Emmerson. In 2014, at the age of 21,  Gareth was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and in 2020 this diagnosis became terminal. Gareth wanted something positive to focus on so set out to raise as much money as possible for Sarcoma UK by cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Gareth is joining me to share his story, tell me more about his huge cycling challenge and to raise awareness for the charity, Sarcoma UK.
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Triathlon Tips - Becky Hair


    On this episode I'm very lucky to be joined by Becky Hair to discuss how to prepare for a triathlon, as I have my first one coming up later this month! Becky is a physiotherapist and triathlete and she's sharing her tips for training, kit and what to do on race day itself. 
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Diving Medicine & Safety - Dr Megan Evans


    On this episode I'm joined by Dr Megan Evans to discuss Diving Medicine. Megan is a divemaster and junior doctor who works at the Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC). This episode is aimed at healthcare professionals or those with a keen interest in diving. We're discussing safe diving practices, assessing fitness to dive, as well as decompression illness and the symptoms to be aware of.  
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Surf Medicine & First Aid - Dr Sophie Rintoul-Hoad


    On the next few episodes I'll be taking a brief pause from talking about running to discuss some other outdoor sports. First up is surfing! I'm joined by Dr Sophie Rintoul-Hoad to introduce the topic of first aid in the setting of water sports. We discuss how to stay safe in the water, basic life support principles and how to prevent surfing-related medical problems developing in the future. 
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Gut Health & Exercise - Dr Anthony Rafferty


    On this episode I'm joined by Dr Anthony Rafferty. Anthony is a medical doctor and PhD who is passionate about improving gut microbiome health through nutrition & lifestyle. We're discussing the importance of good gut health for sports performance, how exercise influences our gut microbiome and, importantly, Anthony shares some top tips on how to improve our gut health. 
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Performance Nutrition - Dr Richard Allison


    On this episode of the Sports Nutrition series I’m joined by Dr Richard Allison, a consultant in performance nutrition and clinical dietetics based at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Health in London. We discuss the importance of matching energy intake with energy expenditure, how to fuel around training sessions, the role of fasted training, and key considerations when following a restricted diet.
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Hydration - Dr Stephen Mears


    On this episode I'm joined by Dr Stephen Mears, a senior lecturer in sport and exercise nutrition at Loughborough University. We're discussing the importance of optimal hydration in sport as well as the role that sports drinks, caffeine, alcohol and NSAIDs can play in hydration and kidney health. 
  • Marathon Medic podcast

    Immunonutrition - Professor Michael Gleeson


    On this episode of the Sports Nutrition podcast series I'm joined by Emeritus Professor Michael Gleeson. Michael is a professor of exercise biochemistry and the author of multiple books including 'Eat Move Sleep Repeat'. We're discussing what immunonutrition is, the key micronutrients and macronutrients for optimal immune health, and the role that supplements can play. 

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