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Make Yoga Magic Again

House of Mages

The House of Mages is a School of Yoga, Tantra and Magick, dedicated to reforging the link between Yoga and the Magical Arts. We teach and explore various paths of Yoga, Tantra, Ritual Embodiment, Occultism, Ayurveda, Astrology, Folk Magic, Chaos Magic, Witchcraft, Runes, Ritual and Ceremonial Magick. Hosted by Mischievous Mage, Daniel Erulian Cuming. Founder of Ritual Embodiment, Rune Yoga and The House of Mages. Daniel shares his story and experiences in these intertwined worlds while interviewing various practitioners, leaders, pioneers and mages in yoga and the occult. Welcome to Make Yoga Magick Again - The House of Mages Podcast. Find out more about what we do at

25 Episodes