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Jaymee Carpenter

Honoring the Great Mystery that connects us all.

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  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Sex 'n Shit


    Jaymee and Lacee "open the kimono" (so to speak) for an intimately revealing episode, as the couple explore a number of topics including: how to spiritually navigate sexual droughts in romantic partnership, social media's race to capture human attention, the potential euphoria associated with having a good poop, the shocking benefits of having "period sex", Lacee's first dildo and Jaymee's "experimental" pencil. They also discuss how meditation can lead to sex! So get ready for an hour long TMI with generous smatterings of hard earned spiritual insights.
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    The Shadow Ban of Sunshine Boy (w/ Daren Thomas Magee)


    Jaymee's neighbor Daren Thomas Magee (aka artist Real Fun, Wow!) takes his seat in the nostalgia mobile for the first long form discussion he and  Jaymee have had since ending the Mystical Cynical podcast. Daren shares a number of subjects including his daily mental health routine, the spooky arrival of his mustache, the emptiness of having your dreams come true, singlehandedly blows the whistle on social media 'shadow-banning', and the two friends offer yet another intimate public viewing of their naturally occurring situation-ship. So crank up the fart button and listen closely in for the kombucha burps, this episode is an 80 minute hug for all you broken-hearted 'Mysti-Cynies' out there! Shop Daren's art and products: or follow him on Instagram: @realfunwow 
  • Love Is The Author podcast

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  • Love Is The Author podcast

    In A Van Down By The River (w/ Drew Madden)


    Artist, Surfer, and White Water Raft Guide Drew Madden is our guest on the podcast today. Drew was a fan of the Mystical Cynical podcast from it's inception, which led him to reach out to Jaymee for mentorship in May of 2021 to help him heal a broken heart and broaden his emotional intelligence bandwidth. The two began a beautiful healing journey together meeting weekly (via Zoom) which has created a deep connection between the two men, who in fact met for the first time in person to record this podcast, which was a highly surreal experience for both of them. Just before the pandemic hit, Drew converted a 2016 Dodge Pro Master (high roof extended) van beautifully for a life on the road, which has been his primary residence for the past year, mostly traveling the California coast, following the surf, bettering himself and building his business Rivers To Sea stickers. Throughout the course of the mentorship, Drew and Jaymee discovered an enormous synchronicity between them that they share on the podcast, along with a greatest hits of takeaway's from their many sessions together. This episode is full of inspiration and encouragement if you're an aspiring artist or blossoming adventurer. You can find Drew and his whimsical illustrations on Instagram: or through his website:
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Surfing The Crimson Wave w/ Lacee Dilmore


    In this divine feminine charged episode w/ Jaymee's partner & manager Lacee, the two break down how to spiritualize PMS, how sex can evolve in healthy relationship, the importance of assertiveness as well as apology, and what part meditation plays in maintaining overall health and happiness.
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Saviors (w/ Mike 'One Shot' Coulter)


    The time has come for you to meet Jaymee & Lacee's psychedelic love child, the legendary Mike 'One Shot' Coulter. This episode is rank with compelling evidence to support the notion that forces are always working behind the scenes to orchestrate epic encounters with life changing potential(s), such as the truly unbelievable story of how Mike entered into Jaymee & Lacee's lives. Mike is someone who (at a low point in his life) made fun of Jaymee prior to knowing him, and a mind-blowing confluence of events would bring the two men together in a whirlwind of synchronistic forces as patient and clinician in a Malibu addiction treatment setting. Mike now credits Jaymee (and Lacee) for having saved his life and redirected his purpose into becoming a therapist and EMDR facilitator, all by learning to unapologetically be himself. Mike is also an amazing songwriter, and in this episode we share the title track of his solo album 'Saviors', which you can find wherever you stream music. 
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Maybe In The End


    On this very special music themed episode of the LITA podcast, Jaymee shares how he created a life as a music producer and film/tv composer after having been homeless in downtown Los Angeles at the age of 26. This lead to a career creating music for Bravo shows Top Chef, Project Runway, and Real Housewives, composing a film score for an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, and recording music with Phoebe Bridgers when she was an unknown teenage songwriter. For the first time ever publicly, Jaymee shares two songs he wrote and produced in 2013 that feature Phoebe on lead vocals ('MAYBE IN THE END' & 'THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD'), as well as some other choice unreleased pieces of his music. But this isn't just another music podcast: Jaymee shares how an insatiable appetite to build a name for himself as a musician lead to him walking away from his music career to focus solely on broadening his spiritual condition, which lead to his finding true fulfillment in life beyond the arts.   Cover photo by Lou Mora Opening theme song 'If Not Now, Them When' written and performed by J. Carpenter.  
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Sanely Beautiful w/ Dave Cipriani


    Extraordinary multi-instrumentalist musician and longtime meditator Dave Cipriani joins Jaymee to share stories of the month he spent meditating w/ Pema Chödron at Gampo Abbey, how a path magically unfolded for him in his 20's to learn Indian Slide Guitar in India with Pandit Barun Kumar Pal (a senior disciple of Ravi Shankar), his great fortune studying music w/ jazz great Charlie Byrd, what it was like studying meditation at Shambhala in the 90's, and his recent healing experiences w/ ayahuasca. Dave also plays live for us on classical guitar an incredible rendition of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', and an evening raga on Indian Slide Guitar. This episode is steeped in Buddhist concepts and philosophies that will be easily palatable for beginners, and demonstrates virtuoso musicianship that will move you deeply. You can find more about Dave at: and on Instagram: @davecipriani Cover photo: Lou Mora Opening/closing theme song 'If Not Now, Them When' written and performed by J. Carpenter.
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    The Fool's Errand


    Season 2 of LITA, now in high fidelity! Lacee joins Jaymee for a jam packed 63 minute synergistic stream of consciousness, touching on a variety of subjects including: how to keep self awareness from becoming self-consciousness, you are what you digest, intuition vs. karma, how to become graceful with age, Lacee's newfound respect for cannabis, and how Reese's doesn't give a shit about you. Featuring new theme song 'If Not Now, Then When?' written, performed and produced by Jaymee.
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    Unlocking The Unseen


    Jaymee takes the wheel for an epic 55 minute stream of consciousness on how to unlock the many untapped potentials within our human experience.
  • Love Is The Author podcast

    The Illusion Of Loss (w/ Lacee)


    Lacee joins Jaymee for their first podcast together in nearly a year! The twin flames spend the hour discussing the importance of surrender, the illusion of loss, and how they've maintained the integrity of their spiritual growth, even when it nearly cost them their relationship this past year.

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